Friday, March 21, 2008

The Daily Show - 5 Years in Iraq

Jon Stewart looks at the administration's underestimation of the length of the war, the terribly lame protest movement, the V.P.'s disregard for American opinion polls, and President Bush's travels back in time.


Anonymous said...

Lorne Carter
2nd Period

I believe that fake news is a way of poking fun at real incidents that impact out nation as a whole. Fake news in my opinion is a new way that appeals to people in lessening the blow of the news. If people like it and enjoy the program and does not harm anyone then its alright. The program takes the serious news and adds a comical twist, that adds humor to make the news more manageable. It takes the sting out of real news that we have to deal with. I believe the show is an outlet to ventilation of steam, for a half-an -hour to live in a alternate reality where everything is not as it seems. Im sure the show means well and has the best intentions at heart.

Anonymous said...

John Cassetta
4th Hour

Personally, I dont like the term fake news. Its doesn't accurately describe Jon Sterwarts and Stephen Colbert's shows. I think The Daily Show and Colbert Report are great for the american people. The question asserts that people may not know the difference, but I'm positive that anyone with common sense and anyone who pays attention to current events will definitley know the difference. Its about study. Also, these shows are excellent because they are in fact very informative, the actual proof being the achievement of the Peabody Awards, widely known as one of the most prestigious awards for journalism. These shows also expose and satirize the ridiculous politicians and their actions in relation to our country and the world. Most of these broadcasts are in fact, real, and a little bit is fake. But as we know as this is on Comedy Central, people must not take this TOO seriously, and keep in mind these shows are also satires.