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Blog #18 - Groves in 1959 and America in 2059

Since Sept. 9, 2009 is the 50th anniversary of the opening of Groves High School, we’ll discuss how you think your life will be different in fifty years (and also, how your life is similar to the kids who lived back in 1959).

Please answer the following questions:
1. What will people remember of America in fifty years (2059)? Why?
2. How will life be different than it is today? (try not to focus on technology but look at other things too – work, politics, religion, business, leisure time, art, school, etc.)
3. Based upon our class discussion, how did it seem that your life was similar to teenagers back in 1959? Use a couple of specific examples.

200 word minimum - Due Friday, Sept. 11.


Anonymous said...

Natalie Hords 1st hour

1. In 2059 people will think back to our current time (50 years prior to their time) and remember how Obama was elected as the first half African American president. I’m sure that this event will set a new pace for the future. Also they will remember the war with Iraq and the financial difficulties these times are facing. They will remember the technology and most likely the start of ipods and the technology that seems new to us.

2. I feel that in the future people will be more work oriented and less religious. The people will be more opinionated due to the stress of work and getting ahead. Therefore causing stronger political figures. Sadly I think that leisure time will be sparse and kids will be at school all year round. Today we see how the art departments are being cut back in schools and people are finding less ways to show their creative minds so in the end they give up. I think that eventually the arts will fall if schools aren’t offering it to young learners.

3. My life is similar to teenagers back in 1959 in some ways like how the styles kept changing and the increase in technology. The amount of tvs went from 4 million in 1959 to 40 million in the 1960’s, I’m pretty sure that same affect happened with the new technology now.

Anonymous said...

1959 and America in 2059

America will be a lot different in fifty years than it is today. In fifty years people will remember that America was always in a rush and didn’t take their time in doing what they had to do. In fifty years there will most likely be ways for people to get things done quickly and efficiently without having to move so quickly during their day. They will also remember how America went into a big recession and the Michigan car companies really suffered due to that. Hopefully in fifty years the economy will not be as bad as it is today. They will look back and remember how the first African American president was elected in our life time.

Life will be very different in fifty years. The transportation that we use will not be the way that it is today because a new version of the car that might not have wheels, instead uses different technology. Fashion will be a lot different in fifty years. The world will have better sources of power in fifty years time. Medical care will be better like better, more efficient doctors’ offices and hospitals. People will probably have different slang or lingo that they use appose to how we speak today.

My life is similar in some ways to a kid back in 1959. Like a kid back in 1959 I want to succeed and a get a great job. I also have a family like a kid back then would have, and close friends. Though the way we do things is different teenagers back in 1959 were very similar to us.

Anonymous said...

1959 and America in 2059

America will be a lot different in fifty years than it is today. In fifty years people will remember that America was always in a rush and didn’t take their time in doing what they had to do. In fifty years there will most likely be ways for people to get things done quickly and efficiently without having to move so quickly during their day. They will also remember how America went into a big recession and the Michigan car companies really suffered due to that. Hopefully in fifty years the economy will not be as bad as it is today. They will look back and remember how the first African American president was elected in our life time.

Life will be very different in fifty years. The transportation that we use will not be the way that it is today because a new version of the car that might not have wheels, instead uses different technology. Fashion will be a lot different in fifty years. The world will have better sources of power in fifty years time. Medical care will be better like better, more efficient doctors’ offices and hospitals. People will probably have different slang or lingo that they use appose to how we speak today.

My life is similar in some ways to a kid back in 1959. Like a kid back in 1959 I want to succeed and a get a great job. I also have a family like a kid back then would have, and close friends. Though the way we do things is different teenagers back in 1959 were very similar to us.

Liam Rush

Anonymous said...

Dustin Oakwood
1) The people in America in fifty years are going to remember the first black president. They are also going to remember the war in Iraq that we are going through right now. People are also going to remember the severe economic crisis as well.
2) In fifty years we may have a different government system. I’m pretty sure that Christianity is still going to be around. Hopefully government and religion will not be connected. People’s leisure time may be may be spent with new revolutionary technology that does more for us, resulting in us being fatter and lazier. America will probably not have need for teachers anymore because most of our classes will be taught by computers.
3) My life is similar to those of teenagers in 1959 because I go to school with a live teacher. I also have to do many chores around the house, like taking out the trash and making breakfast and dinner for the rest of the family. Although cars have advanced over the years both the teenagers back then and now have the opportunity to use them. Both generations are making new advances in technology, were also learning more and more about outer space and what’s out there.

Anonymous said...

Crystal Oropeza
3rd hour

In 50 years I believe people would remember major events and things that stood out. They would also remember firsts, accomplishments, and records. For example they would probably remember the first black president because it had never happened before, it was something new, and something many people liked. Also, the war in Iraq, and the struggles and hardship it brought with it because our friends and family were fighting for us. They may also remember September 11th, because it was a tragic event, many people died and even now that day is remembered.

Life will be different from today because things will be improved and better. Schools may not have teachers or books. They will just use all computers and faster ways of learning by using them. Technology for school will increase a lot, because it will make things easier. For people who work the work week could be shortened to save money. So instead of working for 5 days a week, it could be shortened to 4 or less, so the company wouldn’t have to pay them as much. Religion may be taken more seriously. Since religion is already a major aspect of peoples life’s, and families pass on their religion it could make religion expand to more people.

I think my life is similar to teenagers back in 1959 because we went to school just like them, and had teachers teach us what we had to learn. We both had educations and learnt new things. They had new things introduced to them including Barbie dolls, likewise, we had ipods and cellphones.

Anonymous said...

In 2059, students are going to look back on the events that occurred in 2009 with interest. In this year we inaugurated the first African-American President in U.S. history. They might see this as a negative year also. There has been a lot of back and forth in politics recently over the very big issue of healthcare. If this legislation ends up passing, it might end up determining who attends Groves in 2059. There are going to be critical decisions made during this year that will affect the lives of all of the kids attending Groves in 2009. Hopefully they will look back on them and study them to know what kind of impact this year had on them. People might also have some less serious memories of America too, like what kind of clothes we wore and how we talked. They might say “Why did kids back then wear skinny jeans and those crazy colored shoes? Why did everyone wear those glasses that looked like blinds? Who’s Kanye West anyway?” The things we consider normal might be completely stupid to them, kind of like how we think today that the 80’s were a fashion disaster.

Life in 2059 will most likely be much different than it is today. Obviously technology is going to be more advanced, and who knows what kind of crazy inventions people will be using in their everyday lives that they take for granted. We probably can’t even dream of how their lifestyle will be solely because of the fact that our technology is advancing so quickly. I bet people just back in 1990 never thought something like an IPod could exist. But things like business, politics, and school will be very different too. As years go on, people’s ideals change. This could most likely be shown in America in the government. They might have things run much differently today…and unfortunately could stray away from the Constitution. People will have different wants and needs in the future but some necessities will always remain. I think one thing that will change the most is social life.

Teenagers today obviously live differently and have a different outlook on the world than the teenagers back in 1959, but some things have not changed. We still enjoy spending time with friends, procrastinating schoolwork, and listening to music (Just not on a vinyl record). If teenagers from back in that time looked ahead today they would be amazed at how we looked and spoke, but once they got passed that, they would see that a lot of the fundamentals of being a teenager will be much the same. They would most likely hate us though.

-Andrew Williams

Anonymous said...

Blog # 18
Angeli 3rd hour

I think the people in 50 years will think of us or remember us Americans by the way we dressed and our lifestyle and how we do things differently than them, and how they think our way is old fashioned compared to what they are doing in their lifetime they might think we are old fashioned because of the way we dress or because the way we ran our country and how we made a living I also think that the people will think differently about their lives like the women won’t stay home ladies and cook and clean maybe the men will do that. Maybe it will be a switch for the people in 50 years.

I think life in 2059 will be very different because things might be token to a high or die level like I think the cultures that aren’t very alive right now might die and the ones that are token very seriously also might be gone down because people might get sick of them after learning it and teaching it to others, I also think the ones that are a little higher but not too high might get higher cause they want to keep their culture alive. I also think school will be different and they might have school at home and they might not have paper in the future or cars. I think that there might be public transportation for the people who live average and for the ones that are wealthier might pay for their own cars.

I think us teenagers are similar to the teens back then because they went to school and learned and they had to take care of younger siblings and they had to work for themselves and their family to help their family make a living.

Anonymous said...

Willie B

1. The world will be very different fifty years in the future. People will remember that the first African American president was elected. They will also remember the tragedy that occurred on September 11, 2009. People will remember the recession and how it affected many families and hurt the entire world. The war in Iraq will be remembered by many people and how so many man and women lost their lives fighting the war on terror.

2. Life in 2059 will be completely different than it is today. There will be bookless classrooms because the price of text books is so high. Also, there will be paperless classrooms because you will be able to submit every assignment through computers and never need any papers. There won’t be many labor workers because most companies that have jobs that require physical labor will use robots. This will lower costs and improve the efficiency of the work done.

3. Teenagers back in 1959 were a lot different than us teenagers now. The dressed way mor conservative, wearing long dresses on girls and no tennis shoes. Also, teens turning sixteen and getting license could buy nicer cars due to lower costs. They also had an esier time in school to pass and get to collage.

Anonymous said...

David Hoffman
Mr. Wickersham
3rd Hour

In fifty years, people will remember the America of 2009 as a time of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, foreclosures, the poor economy, the environmental awareness and the rising of China as a world power vs America as the only world power. The wars will be remembered because everybody is making a big fuss about it and the world just wants to get it over with. The economy is significant because it puts the Chinese in front with their stronger economy while ours gets weaker. Our economy became weaker because a lot of American companies have moved to other countries and many Americans have lost their jobs. The foreclosures have forced many people to become homeless and for those who have kept their homes, it has become a struggle to keep them. Our environmental awareness has caused us to change our way of doing many things – from buying cars to recycling.
Life will be different today in the way we live. We will have fun by having virtual reality. We won’t have to put ourselves in danger to experience life. I think that in 50 years our environment will be much worse – but it has to go there before people really change things for the better. People will be able to control things around them just using their minds and machines.
Our lives are similar to those teenagers in 1959 in that many students did not like school. Everyone back then was into the current technology – so are we.

Keith Wright 3rd said...

Keith Wright

1)In 50 years people will remember the war in the Middle East and the first black president that ended the war and the mass killings in eastern Africa.
2)The future the world will change by the advancement of the study of medicine. The more advanced methods of medical treatment will allow the people that have the money to afford it to live up to 18 years longer. Diseases and plagues will never be a problem because advances in the study of the immune system will allow us to strengthen it to the point where harmful bacteria can’t survive in the human body.
Religion will change greatly because major parts of the community will convert to atheism and only small parts of the community will remain faithful to their religion.

3)Students in the 1950’s were similar to us today. They still had to study the same subjects we did but how we gathered our information was different. Students back then still had the same problem of being a teen we have today. Back in the 1950s the students were doing the same in and out of school actives were do all the time like playing sports and hanging out with friends.

Anonymous said...

Adam Egrin 9-9-09
In fifty years people will remember the current recession and our first black president, and. These affected us greatly. President, Barack Obama, was history in the making. Just fifty years before there were still white only restaurants and schools. There was a great celebration when he was elected. The recession changed how we lived and how money was dispersed and family life. Some families had to move to new towns when parents lost jobs. People stopped buying unnecessary things like fancy cars, big vacations, and huge televisions. We had to rethink how we spent our time and learn new skills. Michael Jackson was legendary for being the king of pop music a lot of people were sad when he died.
Hopefully in 2059, we will have different fuel sources. The world will not be suffering from depression. Health will be better; people will live until 110 years old easily. For fun, people will be outside more and more active. Work will be concentrated on defenses and alternative fuel. Religion will not change – people stick to what they believe. Art might use time and space in different ways.
Some similarities that teenagers of 1959 have to us were the rock and roll (new kinds of music) and parents not always understanding their “wild teenagers”. A lot of their lives revolved around their technology (TV and radio) and cars.

Anonymous said...

Rebecca Cook

1. In 50 years people will remember America in many different ways. They will especially remember the economy struggles and how they unemployment rate went extremely high. As well as a big part of America having financial and job problems. They will also recall that it was the time when “going green” became a popular trend. Wars and more money issues can occur for them to remember. But it can also take a step up and get better.

2. Many things will change in 50 years including jobs, school, and religion. More jobs will be created due to the new technology and medicine. Schools will depend on books and paper less and focus more on computers and electronics to provide information. Religion can change drastically because people can choose to convert, drop, or take up a religion. Cars will have new options and become safer.

3. In 1959 woman only wore skirts and children dressed nicer. Now, high rise skirts have become popular again and most teenage girls wear them. Blazers and better fitting clothes have also come back which can look like the apparel in 1959. We still use textbooks like they did back then. Cameras are also really popular even though they have improved.

Anonymous said...

Austin Rovinski 5th hour-Wickersham 9/9/09
1. I believe that in fifty years, people of the future will only remember summaries of events that are currently happening. They will not remember the culture or the traditions of the people, only that they look extremely different from the standards of their day. Only the main major events will be remembered and they will probably be stored in history texts.
2. Many things in the future will be different. Communication systems will be completely revolutionized and the way people even think will be changed. Religion, I believe, will be seen more as a nuisance by a majority of people, and most people won’t believe the principles behind religions anymore.
3. It seemed that my life was similar to the teens of the 1950s because they may not share much of the same technology, but they will share the same emotions and maybe some of the views of society.

Anonymous said...

1. In fifty years from now people would think of the “old” America as actually a progressive year. Personally I think that America is doing a wonderful job at inventing wonderful pieces of technology. Pretty much the only thing that they can be doing with technology these days is make it better.
2. In fifty years from now people’s time would probably be really valuable to them. They would be doing things like getting to places faster, instead of spending on average 20mins getting to work it would probably be down to 10mins that’s of course if they still have a job. Americas will also have hobbies that are nothing like the ones today. Fishing and hunting aren’t going to be as popularly as they are today. Video games are most likely going to be the number hobby for most of us. People are going to start concentrating way more on politics and waste lots of time trying to find better people to put in office.
3. Teens back then and now days used to eat the same thing, and play the same sports as we do now. I don’t think that basketball will be the number one sport 50 years from now but sports such as paintballing would.
Muhannad 5th hour

Anonymous said...

1. What people will remember of America in Fifty years is how many wars we were in, and countries that disliked us, because we had many disagreements with certain countries which caused many consequences to both the U.S.A and Ex. Iraq, like the money we’ve put into the war and the amount of deaths the U.S.A had caused to that country and even the U.S.A made their own people pay taxes to aid the war’s. They will also remember us for all the recent inventions we’ve contributed to our world like the Mack book, iphone, ipods, because those were basic need in every single persons lives and not just in the U.S.A but also around the world.
2. How the world would be different from today is by us being affected politically like their being a different type of ruling other than presidency. And mass corp. jobs will be the new job for every single person because that’s all that will last and no other thing will make it except for that.
3. Their Its similar to us in the 1959 cause they all had emotions like us, and they all ate the same exact types of food.

timothy wimbush

Anonymous said...

1. I think that in 50 years people will have a lot to remember about America but I think that the majority of it will not be good thoughts about America. I think they will remember that we were in debt 11 trillion dollars. One third of that money due to ourselves and the other amount we borrowed from the Saudis, the Japanese, and the Chinese. I think they will also remember about the swine flu that caused so many deaths. I think that they will also remember how many new technologies had come out over the years and all the geniuses that had invented them. One thing I don’t think Americans will ever forget is how America won WWII.

2. I think that in 2059 life will have changed a dramatic amount. I think that we will be in more debt so the American people will realize they will have to work more and harder so that they don’t lose their jobs. I also think that the politics will be more heated in 2059 because we will be in more of a crisis then we are in now and the republicans and the democrats will have even more different views. I think that all the programs for every grade in the school will be computerized so they can cut down on the cost of books and paper which is slowly becoming more expensive. I also think that the Americans will become more dependent on electronics because the technology will have changed so much.

3. I think that my life is and was similar to the teenagers at groves high school because we both went to the same high school, and perhaps the same middle school. We both played various sports weather it was tennis, or football, or even track. They loved to hang out with friends like we do today and they also had their own opinions on clothing and the world as we do today. I think what was different was their clothing and the type of music they listened to because they didn’t have the technology we have now.

Alex Allen

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Levin
1st hour

In fifty years, people will probably remember many important events in America’s history. One event that will never be forgotten is the terrorist attack that occurred on September 11, 2001. Americans will also remember the election of Barack Obama as the country’s first African American president, and the economic recession that is still occurring today. People will remember these things because they are major events that help define America’s history.
Life will be very different in the year 2059. Scientists may make new discoveries in medicine, such as cures or better treatments for diseases or sicknesses that cannot be treated today, such as cancer and AIDS. Also, changes and improvements could be made to health care in the future. New advances might be made in technology to help slow or even stop global warming, such as alternative sources of energy (for example: solar and wind power). Schools may start to change their history curriculum to more recent dates and things that happened in the 21st century.
One way my life is similar to those of teenagers in 1959 is the fact that I go to school. Children went to school back then, and that hasn’t changed. I also spend a lot of time with my family, which is another similarity I would have shared with them.

Anonymous said...

1. What People will remember the most in 50 years are going to remember when a black president came in to office. Barack Obama will be remembering because he has come into office and he has changed politics and economy. I think wars that affected us will be remember and the down fall in the unemployment rate and the economic crisis we are having.

2. Life would be different
becuase schools,religion and jobs would change.I think schools would become paperless and bookless put it might tske more time for paperless. I think people will have more respect for each other religion. Cars will become safer and faster with more equip technology.I think fashion wont be as a cool as now i think it will be just jump suites.

3. my life is the same as the teenager that live in 1959.They had families,school,friends just like us.They also ate the same thing we did they had the same emotions just likes us.Clothes are kind of the same.They use textbooks for school just like us and proably going through the stages of a teenager just like us.

quinton furman
3rd hour

Anonymous said...

Erin R. 1st Hour
1. In addition to the struggles, advances, wars, and achievements of early American history, People 50 years from now will remember 9/11, the War on Terror, the first African American president, economic recession, and the winning of 8 gold medals at the Olympics just to name a few. They will also use the technological advances to make better and more efficient electronics. The technology we invented now will be the basis for all the other technological inventions in the future.

2. Life in 50 years will be very different from now. There will of course be new technology and our medicine and understanding of the body will also increase, giving us more knowledge to create new medications to cure cancer and aids. The price of things is constantly increasing so the cost of living will be more expensive. Schools will probably be all based of computers or other technology. People will probably dress very differently. In 1959, girls didn’t wear pants, and now jeans are very popular. They might have to cover up more if the hole in the ozone gets bigger. Hopefully people won’t have to go to extremes and wear sun-reflecting clothes and apply SPF 5,000 sun block. Hopefully there will be a new mode of transportation that helps the environment, or at least doesn’t cause as much damage to the earth.

3. My life is very similar, to the teenagers in 1959. We have to go to school, do homework, read books and we have similar leisure activities such as going to the movies, the park, hanging out with friends, and listening to music. Our lives now are more technologically advanced than that of a teenager from 1959 for example, we now can get our textbooks online instead of taking home the heavy books and instead of listening to record players, we listen to our IPods. We both had access to information and communication (i.e. television and radio) but today, our access to information and communication is growing exponentially. Our lifestyles are very similar, but in 2009, we live our lives with more technology.

Alex said...

Alex Victor
5th hour

1) The people of America in fifty years from now will remember the war in Iraq. They are also going to remember the terrorist attack on the Trade Centers. Also they will remember the fashion and the trillions of dollars of debt we are in. Also, the economic crisis we are currently in. I also think they will remember the deadly outbreak of the Swine Flu and the thousands and thousands it killed. Lastly, how Obama was the first African American President.

2) In fifty years life will be a lot different. The transportation will be changed; the cars will be more eco friendly. The world may have better sources of power. The fashion will be really different. Schools could go bookless and paperless. Medical care will be improved. I think the religion will not change. More jobs might be created due to better technology.

3) I think my life is similar to the teenagers in 1959 because they went to school just like us. They had teachers that taught them, just like us. They are different then us in their dress and emotions. They had new things invented in their time like microchips and Barbie dolls, we have cell phones, iPods, new and improved computers.

Anonymous said...

Rudy Schreier 1st Hour
1. In fifty years, people will remember a lot about present day. They will remember how the first black president was elected, how the economy was in a recession, the war was Iraq, and some of the great athletes we got to witness. All these things will affect the future and that’s why they will be remembered. We don’t know now, but maybe Barack Obama will save our country and get our economy back to the way it used to be. Maybe he won’t, and this recession will evolve into a depression. Maybe Lebron James will be looked at as the greatest basketball player ever to be in the NBA. We don’t know which ones will happen, but all of them will be remembered.

2. In the future, I think work would be harder to find due to new technology that will come out. I think schools will start to teach harder because of the competition for jobs. Kids will have less leisure time because of their studies. But I do believe some things will be positive in the future, like cures for diseases. New meds are being developed everyday and I think within the next 50 years, we will have a cure for cancer. Also, I believe more and more people will switch to alternative sources of energy like wind, solar, and nuclear.

3. Our lives compared to teenagers back in 1959 are very different, but we do share some similarities. For example, there was the same sports teams as there is now (but much different uniforms), friends still hung out on weekends, and we still study the same material they did back then, except in a different format.

Anonymous said...

1. The people of America in 2059 will remember the presidencial election as the first time a woman and an African American ran for president. I am sure they will remember Obama becoming the first African American president more. It is the first time a man of a race besides white has been the president. It is an amazing moment in history and America is very proud of it.
2. I think that in 2059 it will be a lot different than today. The car industry will be churning out cars that help reduce wastes and conserve resources. As the resources diminish, there will be more competition over water, oil, coal, and etc. The world will be more eco-friendly and conscious of the earth’s progress. The science field will stay the best business to be in because there is still more to learn. Doctors will figure out the cure to all cancer. Advances in technology will also reduce the risk in operations. Hospitals will be cleaner and our life expectancy will be longer. The fashion will change dramatically as well. The clothing will become more modest. Families will spend more time together. School will involve a lot of computers. Books and paper would disappear. Hopefully many changes will benefit the world greatly.
3. My life is similar to the teenagers from 1959 because music is a part of both of our lives it inspires a lot of social activities like dances and parties. Like the teenagers of the past, I also like to stay part of the latest trend. For example, in fashion, girls from 1959 like to have the latest sewing pattern for dresses.
-Amanda 5th hour

Anonymous said...

1959 and America in 2009

Stephen Jones 5th Hr.

In 50 years people will remember the war that we are currently going involved in and tragic events such as 9/11. People will remember this time period as one of the most severe economic droughts in U.S. History since the great depression. People will remember flu’s such as Swine flu and viruses such as the West Nile virus that swept the nation and made people very sick. In 2059 people will look back and remember the time period of which our first African-American president was elected and inaugurated.

Hopefully, the economy will be in a much better situation than it is right now and people will be more reliable on computers even more than they are today America will continue to get more compact and make the items they have more convenient and accessible. Fashion and music will be a lot different though it is hard to predict just how different it will be I do believe it’s fair to say that it will be nothing like what we are used to now.

They played sports, such as football, just like me. They had their own fashions and styles that they were into just like the fashions of today, they had friends and hung out in classrooms just like students

Anonymous said...

Kevin Ross 5th Hour

1. In 50 years people will remember the horrible downfall of the economy in 2009. People will remember that Barrack Obama was America’s first African American president. They will remember the war in Iraq and the war in Afghanistan; hopefully they will be done by then. People will remember how the Earth started to get way too polluted and we had to change the way we lived. They will remember that we need to rely on our own country for products and not on other countries, so our economy doesn’t fall.
2. Everything will move faster in 50 years and be way more advanced. Kids in school will learn stuff we learned, but at a much younger age. Religions that we know of today might not exist in fifty years. Leisure time will be spent doing activities that we never did at our age. There could even be new systems of government in fifty years that wouldn’t work now.
3. Stuff went a little bit slower 50 years ago. They went to school just like we do and they played sports just like we do. They did things a lot of the same way just without all of the technology we have today.

Anonymous said...

1. What will people remember of America in fifty years? Why?
2. How will life be different than it is today
3. Based upon our class discussion, how did it seem that your life was similar to teenagers back in 1959? Use a couple of specific examples.

People of 2059 will remember a lot of our time, as it was an important time. They will remember of how we elected the first African American president and how technology advanced alongside our nation. They will wonder what swine flu is or why we would ever wear the clothes that we do. However they will also remember how we overcame September 11, how we fought a war, and to top it off how we went spiraling into a ruined economy.
Life will be very different in fifty years then it is now. Technology will always be dramatically changing so it will have the most difference. For example computers get thinner and faster while still increasing in storage capacity. The business world will be much more beneficial due to shorter wait time and faster transportation and technology. Art and school will be done digitally. Unlike most things, religion will still tend to be traditional, since no one has the right to change those laws. Laws will be put down and put up, hopefully with laws to help better the environment such as pollution laws. Cars will be using alternate fuels and will therefore look different and be used differently, even if by driving themselves.
A child’s life now and in 1959 is different in many ways, but alike in other ways too. Children went to school for the same academics and they played the same sports as we do. We have many of the same food just as they do, like milk and bread. Children of each time have many things in common; friends to hang out with, family’s to eat with, and some also had a “Camera” to save memories with.
Ezra Woodard-3rd Hour

Anonymous said...

1. In fifty years people will remember the times of crisis and the economic struggles (like how we now remember the Great Depression), the dramatic changes of oil prices, and the many jobs that have been lost.
2. Life will be different than it is today by having many different jobs; since new technology will be around there won’t be as many jobs because jobs will be operated by electronics (therefore causing more job losses). There will be other political parties besides the democratic, republican, and independent parties. People will become lazier due to all of the technological help, causing the population to become more obese. Also, schools will be teaching children information faster, so the learning process will be accelerated.
3. Life now isn’t very similar to how it was 50 years ago, but there were a couple similarities like school dances and sports. The Groves football team wasn’t good 50 years ago and it still isn’t good. Besides similarities in school, the life style 50 years ago was very different from ours, so it’s hard to relate.

-Sydnee Cohen
5th hour

Anonymous said...

Ryan Williams

1. I think in 50 years people will remember things that had a really big impact on our lives. Some of those things they will be September 11, because it was such a terrifying event and the first time since Pearl Harbor the U.S. was attack on it’s own soil. They will also remember the election of Barack Obama, the first black president. And lastly they will remember the Iraq War because of its cost, which they still might be paying.

2. In 50 years i think life will be completely different from today especially the activities people do. I think that people will become less fond of physical activities like sports, tag, and nature walks, and be more into music and more technological stuff. People will also be more concerned with higher education and getting good jobs so more people will have master degress and PhD’s. And I think there will be a crazy amount of Chinese people in the world.

3. I feel like my life and the life of teenagers in 1959 are pretty similar, I think they we’re really interested in hangin with their friends and having fun. Teenagers those days probably didn’t think school was the greatest thing in the world, and couldn’t wait till the bell rang, like me. But I think back then they were probably were more polite and didn’t argue with their parents that much, but other than that we’re pretty much the same.

Anonymous said...

1. In 2059 I think most people will look back at 2009 and see only our violent nature and our unhealthy lifestyle. All of the wars we have started and habits that we practice today will more then likely stand above any scientific ad that we have discovered today.
2. In 2059 I think people will live very differently then we live today. Devices such as IPods or laptops will be outdated, paper will be considered a waste and will be very scarce, and cars will run on a cleaner, more efficient fuel source. I also think that the new 40 will be 60 with a higher quality of live then we have today. Also, I think transport will be much faster, making a couple of hundred miles a close trip. Finally, I think the school processes will be much faster, include a lot more, and be more efficient then the school system that we have today.
3. Are life today is similar to the lives of teenagers in 1959 is many ways. First, Music was very popular, and almost everyone listened to music, just like today. Kids in 1959 also were very considered about fashion, just like we do today.

Jacob Hasenau

Anonymous said...

Alice Turner
1st hour
The People of America will remember the advances we have made and what we have overcome. They might learn about the almost economic depression we are in, the worst state the economy had been since the Great Depression. I hope that they will remember the discoveries we made in energy sources and learn from the country’s mistakes. (Such as bad health care and allowing people to be put in a pointless war)

In the future, they will hopefully have even more advances in alternative energy, to help prevent disaster from global warming. I think that education will be much different; there hopefully will be adequate schools where anyone can go to get a good education and be successful. I think that more progression in health care will be made. Medications could be become more efficient and more available to those who need them. Treatments or cures for all kinds of diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, cancer and brain damage, will hopefully be discovered. Although not all things will be good, riots over the remaining resources will become prevalent. Water from the Great Lakes could -- in the future – be bottled and sold to other people who need it, no matter how much we’d like to keep it. It could be that oil will become scarce and even if alternative energy exists, many companies could go after the cheapest form of fuel. There could be a great lack of tress because of the foresting problem all over the world. The way everything looks would change.

I think our life was similar to those from the 50’s. Our social lives were probably very similar, cliques and groups of people have always been around. There were cars around and many homes also had TV’s. They also probably enjoyed a lot of the same outdoor activities that we do such as going out to the park and walking around town.

damien dorre said...

Damien Dorre
5th hour

1959 and America in 2059

In the year 2059, 50 years from now people will remember many moments of America both the good and the bad. They will still remember some of the good things such as how we got here, how the government was formed, and the first half African American president Obama. They will also look back and remember the bad things such as slavery and many of the wars such Iraq. They will also remember how much in debt America is. They will remember these things because they are important now and the will probably affect them in the year 2059.
In 2059 many things will have changed besides technology. Work will have changed because robots will be doing much of it for us. Religion will change because someone might come up with a new one. Business will increase and have to expand and will make more money. School will change to be longer so kids will learn more and they will be learning more difficult things earlier.
My life was similar to teenagers back in 1959 because we both got home work, and we both had to sit at a desk and learn from the teachers. The social live are similar because we both had friends and family.

Anonymous said...

Jake Balicki

1. In 2059, fifty years later than today, people will remember the economic recession that hurt millions of Americans and the election of our first African American President, Barack Obama. Also, people will remember the horrible tragedy that occurred on September 11th, 2001, the catastrophe that united all American citizens. People will remember how foreign automotive companies took over the automotive market of America, ruining hundreds of thousands of lives by leaving them un-employed with nowhere to go.

2. In fifty years, life will change technologically, economically, and education will soar. In 2059, faster, smaller technology will be formed making the lives of Americans much easier. Innovative and advanced technology in schools will make for less use of paper and more technologically advanced students. By 2059, there will be an alternate fuel source putting more money into the hands of Americans. The use of alternate fuels will decrease the amount of gas being used, which in time lowers prices. New medicines will be invented which will higher life expectancy by many years. But in doing this, cities will become overcrowded and the population number will continuously rise each year.

3. Based on our class discussion, my life is very similar to the life of a teenager fifty years ago. Many things have changed since 1959, but some things will always be the same. Every kid enjoys hanging out with friends and dreads the thought of doing household chores. We are all required to go to school to get an education and hopefully find a great job in the future that will help support our families. Every kid wants to get the newest, coolest technology and will do anything to get it.

Anonymous said...

Jake ryan
3rd hour

Some of the things that they will remember is the 1st black president. They will also remember our new tech as the old tech such as the I-touch and web cams. They will remember the current economy.
In fifty years life will be different because technology will be much more advanced, such as robots in your home cleaning for you. The businesses will be much more stable, and progressive. People will be more accepting of others and religions. Work will be mostly repair people that will repair robots that do work such as making cars. Also the fuel sores will be hydrogen or something like that. People may also use jet packs and teleporting pads that will replace busses and air planes. And by now trash will be a problem but they will dump it in space or on mars. This is a small amount of changes that will accrue between now and fifty years.
Some of the things that are the same now and in 1959 are the interests that kids have. Kids are still interested in having fun and hanging out with friends. They also went to school just like us. Also the kids like new cars, music and TV.

Anonymous said...

Malarie French 3rd hour

1.) In 50 years, people will remember many things about America. One thing is how we have the first black president in office. Also, the recent presidential campaign was historical, ending in either the first black male in office or the first female in office. Another thing that people will remember is how the economy is really bad. It is said that the economy now is the worst economic depression since the Great Depression. Also, there are record gas prices. Due to the shortages in goods, people are making the effort to conserve natural resources.
2.) Life will be different then it is today in a few ways. Firstly, the cost for many goods will be up. There will be food shortages and competition due to an increase in population. The life expectancy will be higher because of the medical advances. There will be alternate fuel sources due to the scarcity of oil. Also, the value of the dollar will fall as prices go up.
3.) My life is similar to teenagers back in 1959 by we both have technology advancing, we both have education and schooling, we spend time with our family, and we also help out around the house by doing chores.

Anonymous said...

Scott Crosthwaite
5th hour

1. In 50 years people will probably remember we had our first black president. In the future the technology will develop tremendously so they will remember how the technology was back then, and also the cars will develop too. They will also remember what everything used to cost because over the years the cost of, let’s say gas, has gone up extremely in the past 50 years. All the foods and materials that you buy will be getting more expensive as the years pass.

2. Life will be different because Americans will make so many more inventions that will make everything easier for Americans. Over the time Americans will get fatter and fatter because they have invented so many inventions to make tasks easier. And because they have invented so many inventions people will lose their job. The machines will replace human labor, which was very slow, with the machines that people invented which will produce the products faster.

3. Our life was similar to teenagers back in 1959. The kids in 1959 still had to go to school on a regular basis and work just as hard as we did but we had different ways of getting our information. And also the kid’ s in 1959 had the same emotions, and would hang out with their friends just like we do now a days.

Anonymous said...

The year 2059 will obviously be much different then now. When I think of what people will remember about America in the year 2059, the first thing that comes to mind would be the election of our first black president. I believe that this is a major part of Unites States history and people will remember it and learn about it for years to come. Something else I think people will remember is the recession we are currently a part of. Just like we learned of recessions, depressions, and recoveries of the past, I think that students of the future will be learning about those times in 2009. Life will clearly be much different 50 years in the future. Apart from the advances in technology, the first thing I think of that will be new and better is medicines. Today, doctors already work hard to try and create cures for diseases such as cancer and HIV/AIDs. Because of this, it is only safe to assume that in 50 years advances will be made in creating vaccinations and medications for these and other common diseases. Based on our discussion in class it seems as if we have very few similarities in life styles to teenagers in1959. We dress differently, learn different things, and own technologies that people had never heard of in 1959. As for clothing, the things teenagers wear today are more revealing, we have baggy clothes, tight clothes, and much more brand name clothing. Today we learn about things that were happening as teenagers in 1959 were growing up, and things that happened well after they were done with school. Finally, we have Ipods, video games, and televisions that teenagers 50 years ago had no idea these things would ever exist.
Brad Benghiat 1st Hour

Sarah said...

Sarah Knoll
3rd Hour
Fifty years from now people will remember that President Obama was elected, Sarah Palin was the first woman to run for vice president on the ballot, and that 9/11 occurred starting the Iraq war. President Obama was the first black man elected which is a large step in America to stop discrimination and shows that you can do great things even if you were raised in poverty. Women have never been put on the ballot for vice president until Sarah Palin and that can also stop discrimination in America. In 9/11 millions of people were killed by suicide bombers, and this started the Iraq war. The war has lasted about eight years and we spent billions and billions of dollars on this war which contributed to being over one trillion dollars in debt.
In 2059 we will find the cure for cancer because of the technology we will have then, all of are energy sources will be renewable, and there will be no more books in schools. We have been searching for the cure for cancer and in 2059 we will have the technology to find it. We will also have the technology to convert all of our energy sources to renewable energy decreasing the amount of carbon dioxide that we put into our air. Even now many text books you can find online and by 2059 they will be gone completely. There will also a decreased number of teachers in school and much larger classes, making it impossible to get one-one-one time with teachers.
Our life is similar to teenagers in 1959 because we still have responsibilities in school and hair styles. It is our responsibility to do well in school sports we may play, and if we can’t then we will have to pay the consequences. If we aren’t responsible in high school we can’t get into the college we may want to go to, and if we are not responsible in our sports and don’t practice you can be kicked off the team. The hair style the was flat and straight and it is so today, and some of the styles of dresses are very similar to the dresses and skirts of the 50’s.

Anonymous said...

Kendal Gumbleton
1st hour

I believe that in 2059 people will remember a great number of things about America today. Some of the things that they will remember will be the process of our products and services because in 50 years the prices will either dramatically increase or dramatically decrease. Another thing people in 2059 will remember is the current war on terrorism and all of the crises that the United Stated is currently facing.

Life in 50 years will most likely be easier with all of the technology but harder in some aspects as well. For example in 50 years there will most likely be year round school and less leisure time for students. Many rule, laws, and policies will probably change as well and many jobs will most likely be replaced by machines. Although with machines taking many jobs there may also be a number of jobs that will be created in the future too.

Some ways that teenage life is similar from 1959 to today is that we have the normal teenage problems, money, friends, relationships, and parents. Also like 1959 there are new inventions or updated products coming out all the time today that teenagers always have their eyes on. Today we also have the problems with schoolwork as they did back in 1959.

Anonymous said...

Margeaux Phillips 1st
1. Fifty years from now, people will still remember the significant events in America’s history that we learn today. But more recent events such as the first black American President, the war in Iraq, and the poor economy we’re struggling through will most likely be remembered too. These events in America’s history will be remembered fifty years from now because of their importance, things such as our first black president are making a difference in the world today.

2. America will be a lot more sophisticated than it is now, in 2009. Transportation will be improved; there will be a more eco-friendly way of getting around, along with a faster more convenient way. In 2059, what is learned and techniques of learning will be greatly altered and enhanced to improve our knowledge. Jobs will probably be cut out because technology will have a faster, more efficient ways of getting things done. Hopefully, we’ll have more advanced medications and find a cure for many extreme diseases such as cancer and AIDS.

3. In relation to my life, the teenagers back in 1959 were not all that different. They still went to school, followed trends and had free time. Just what they learned and wore and did in their spare time, vary a bit from nowadays. We are given more opportunities than the kids in 1959.

Anonymous said...

Elyse Dumas – 5th Hour

1. In 50 years I think that 2009 will have a reputation for being in the middle of yet another economic crisis, the depression of ’08 or ’09. Just like how we remember The Great Depression as a time of hardships, difficulties and poverty, I think that people in the future will look back at 2009 in much similar ways, but maybe not quite extreme. As of other aspects, like fashion or technology 2009 will be looked at very differently. I think that right now and the past couple years we have been in the middle of a huge techno boom. Even though right now big screens, blue ray movies, and high definition projectors are considered very high tech right now, but I’m positive that the technology right now will be far outgrown in the next 50 years. No matter when you are living, fashion 50 years ago was very different. Fashion moves quickly and leaves lasting impressions, like the era of poodle skirts or bell bottom jeans. Maybe 2009 will leave the same kind of footprint for the future.
2. I think that life if 50 years will be very different than what life is like now. Aside from obvious technology improvement I think things like school, communications, and religion will vary greatly. Education has speed up in the past 50 years, and I think it will continue to do so by 2059. What we learn in college now we might learn in high school in the future, but I think that’s partly to do with having more knowledge to teach during your school years. One of the biggest differences that I predict will be the way we communicate with each other. I think that devices and services like BlackBerry’s and texting will continue to grow. Also I think that in general everyone will be much less formal with each other as time passes. Religion is ever-changing, and I don’t think it will stop in the future. I hope and think that different religions will be able to get along with each other better, and along the way new religions might form.
3. Based on the discussion we had in class I think that in so many ways life is similar to teenagers back in 1959, but also so much different. I think that some things will never change. I bet a teenager in 1959 would do a lot of the same things I do in an average day. We might go to school, hang out with friends after school, do homework, help out around the house, eat dinner, spend some time with your family, and then go do bed and pretty much start the whole routine over the next day. The main difference between teenagers back then and today is the way we do what we do, and how we act. A teenager in 1959 might walk to school every day, while a teenager today might drive themselves. The homework that you do could be very different. Maybe chores around the house back in 1959 were things like laundry or making dinner, but nowadays I think that teenagers’ chores are more simplified, like doing dishes or taking out the trash. Another difference is the way we act. In 1959 I’m sure that especially girls were much more conservative than girls are today. They were probably much more formal and polite than now too. I think that the changes from 1959 to today are going to me similar to changes from today to 2059.

Anonymous said...

In fifty years people would remember America by the united states electing the first African American president. Also they would remember some the superstars of sports and actors. Also they would remember the tragedies of September 11th, and the school shootings. Also America would remember the celebrities and the good and bad they have done. Life would be different than it is today because we would have an upgrade in technology . Also we would have less teachers and bigger classrooms to save money. It would also be different by the style of clothes might change. Also kids can be taught school at home on a computer to save gas and money. Also I think that cops would all lose jobs because they would be taken over by robots. Also I think that there will be less jobs because jobs are all being run by the upgraded technology that does a workers job twice as fast. Based on our discussion the life now is similar to before because girls still wear skirts and some old people wear the styles of clothes that they wore during the 1900’s. Also since they made the first Xerox launched its first big copier we have made the same copier but more upgraded. Also there are some of the same foods but higher prices. Also I think most teenager’s hang out and play sports and have to go to school. Also we still all had families and learned from teachers and had pets and did chores and ate.
Adam Pauley
Hist 1st hour

Anonymous said...

Alex Wong
3rd hour
In fifty years people will remember that the people of this day elected the first black president. People will also remember that it was the second greatest recession up to date at this point in time. I believe that people will think that we were old fashioned compared to them in their time and age. People in 2059 will think what will happen to them in fifty years just like we are doing now.
I believe that within fifty years there will have been not one but two female presidents and possibly a gay president. There will defiantly be another black president fallowing the first, and there will be a new law past that will change life in the whole nation not just state to state. There will probably be another war in the next fifty years that America will get involved into. Business will be booming but then there will be another market crash and another reconstruction forcing people to look at the system that is or will be in place. School will be the same for the most part because of cost in the integrating schools and having one over the other in a public school system because the students will want to or at least their parents will want them to.
between us and the kids that were around in 1959 we have probably the same ideals and we all can agree on thing such as not liking school or on school food or on politics and what is going on in the world. We probably would all be quite similar other than race integration in groves now compared to then. All in all we would not be that different and get along fine.

Harshita Pinnamaneni said...

1.)In 50 years from now the knowledge Americans will have changed from ours now. First of all as time proceeds more events in history occur. People of 2059 would probably learn less of the past of what we are learning now but more current events and events of the future which has not yet come to us. For an example, the competing auto companies and the current slumping economy, hopefully future Americans will understand the causes of this and learn how to prevent such situations from happening in the future. They would also remember the September 11th attack. But it is not just these tragic times people of the future will recall they would also remember good and beneficial events like the first African American President, Barrack Obama, as well as the beginning of high dependency on technology with programs like Microsoft being created.
2.) Life in 2059 will be different from today in many ways. First, with competing economies across the world and with the increasing competition for jobs, a students learning would probably accelerate, possibly extending school year round. If such increases in education occur, it could possibly lead to new scientific discoveries, like health related cures. New technological discoveries will also probably be made and further increase people’s dependency on technology. If we continue at the same pattern as we are in now, religion will probably be less expressed. Hopefully, by 2059 we will have found a safe, and environmentally friendly alternative energy source which would solve the worldwide demand of oil, and contribute to fixing the current global warming situation.
3.)Our lives are similar back to those teenagers of 1959 because although times have changed both generations have lives to maintain, responsibilities to keep, and situations to worry over. Similar responsibilities include school, work, extra-activities, chores, etc.. And although style and apparel was different back then, many still worried on keeping up with the latest trend, something we still see happening today. Teenagers of 1959 were also adjusting to new technological changes which is a process that which is happening now and will keep occurring in the future.
Harshita Pinnamaneni
1st Hour

Anonymous said...

1.In 50 years people will remember how the first African American president was elected to office in 2008 and people will think what we thought the 1950’s. How we thought they dressed weird or how they wore their hair. Cars will be different more advanced then the cars now. The way we get power will become more advanced we will be using only waterpower, windmills, nuclear power.

2. Life will be different than it is today in 50 years. The technology will be 100 times better than it is now. Cars may only run on electricity or hydrogen. Doctors may find new technology to do surgeries with more ease and reduces scars and possibilities of death. Prices for simple house items will cost more or less.

3.My life is similar to teenagers in 1959. Teenagers in 1959 had to go to school everyday just like I do. In school we use the computer and in 1959 they used different thinks to find information. Teenagers had to do homework just like me. We both want to grow up and get a good job and earn a lot of money.

blake groskind
hour 1

Anonymous said...

In fifty years, people will remember the 9/11 terrorist attack in 2001 and the whole war on terror. They will also remember that Barack Obama became the first black president in 2008. Also they will remember that we won WWII. They will remember these things because they are very important and influential events that will be taught about in school in their time. They will also remember the technological advances that we make between 2009 and 2059, such as modernized cars, super computers, and much faster transportation.

Life in 2059 will be very different than life today. First, since new technologies are developing so fast, there will be many new inventions that will be used by people all the time. Work will be very strenuous just as it is today but the competition between companies and people to make better products will make life very hectic for many people. Religion will not be as important as it is today because people will be so focused on work and other things. There won’t be as much leisure time as a result of the amount of work people will be doing. School will be much harder and kids will be learning things in school earlier than we ever did.

Life today for teens is similar for multiple reasons. First, there are still many clothing trends today just like back then. Also, there are new technologies today as well as in 1959. One more similarity to 1959 is that both teenagers then and now have to deal with many problems like managing their time, schoolwork, and many other problems that we both deal with and had to deal with daily.

-Alex Valente
5th Hour

Brian Taylor said...

Fifty years from now people will do all of their work on computers and work hours will be much shorter than they are today and people won’t drive to work because there probably won’t be any more fossil fuels for the cars we have and with politics all of the major world leaders will be focusing less on war and more on the environment and global warming because we would have started to convert to solar and wind energy and most free time will be spent looking for mare sources of energy The only things I see being remembered fifty years from now are major historic events for example the election of the first African American president Barack Obama or the death of Billy Mays but one of the biggest thing people will remember will be the bad economy we had now. Compared to 1959 the only things I see that are the same to teenagers from that time is we both probably didn’t like homework and we still have teachers and we still like to do things like sports also other things like fun activities we do with our friends also we both don’t like having to do work around the house.

Alvin Pitris said...

In 2059 people will remember that in 2008 Barack Obama was elected as our first black president. They also remember the terrorist attacks in 2001. This was the first major terrorist attack on the U.S. People will also remember the economic downfall that is happening right now. But in 2059 the terrorist will attack with computer viruses. There will be computers running all major things. People will only work where computers cannot operate. Which would cause less jobs because computers will run the majority of things. In the future less people will have religion. There will be less small businesses in 2059. Classes will be much larger in the future, and everything will be done on the computer. We will not be using fossil fuels in the future. Things will be run by solar energy because it is unlimited and releases no harmful gases. As for the nighttime, the solar panels charge a battery that stores energy for when there is no sun. My life is similar to kids in 1959 because mostly that the fact that technology is getting bigger as it is now. In 1959 computers were beginning to be commercialized, and today we depend on them heavily.

Lizzy Stevens said...

In 50 years, 2059, people will remember a few things about America. They will remember our present day time, like the USA’s first black president because it shows that the USA can become very diverse. The current recession that we are in will be remembered because it is bringing about new reforms in healthcare and labor of American’s citizens.
Life will be different for people in 2059 than it is today. In school, books may be replaced by a more computerized system like CDs or small memory card microchips. Larger lecture classes and year round school may replace the 25-student classes and long summer break that is school today. Students may not use paper and pencil anymore, but instead each student may have their own small computer or laptop. In 2059, fashions will have changed from today’s fashion. People may wear more retro clothing rather than the non-conservative clothing of today. Religion might not be as important to the world as it is today. More people today aren’t as religious as 50 years ago. In 50 years, there may be more atheist people who look to science to explain things rather than deity.
Based upon the class discussion, it seems like there are some similarities between my life and teenagers that lived in 1959. Teenagers then and now help out their families and have jobs. They pick up their younger siblings and take care of them both before and after school and/or work part-time to help earn money for their family. Teenagers now and 50 years ago listened to rebellious music. Elvis Presley came out, which was considered rebellious back then. Now, there are multiple different rebellious music that teenagers listen to.

Anonymous said...

Luke Rappley 1st Hour

1) I believe people will remember America by Barack Obama being the first black president to be elected. Or by the War in Iraq and any other wars we get into in the next 50 years. If there are any major changes in the economy like a stock market crash again then people will remember that also.
2) Life will be very different in 2059. Most of all there will be new jobs like working in alternative energy or for new technological companies. There will be many new inventions and electronic items. Adults and kids will play with them so this will give people stuff to do in leisure time. School will also be very different. I think books will be replaced by computers and the classrooms will be different with larger classes and less teachers.
3) Our lives today and teenager’s lives back then are similar in some ways. For example we both have changing fashion styles. We also both did things like play games in our leisure time. For instance kids back in 1959 probably played kickball and football. We still play these games today.

Anonymous said...

Matthew Brodley
People 50 years from now will remember many different things. One thing America will remember the 2001 terrorist attack in N.Y.C on the twin towers. That was a very serious thing, and I doubting America will ever forget about the tragic thing, which killed A LOT of people. Another thing America will never forget the U.S was 11 trillion dollars in debt. Also another thing America will always remember is the Civil War, and how America won WW1, and WW2. Those are just some of the things America will remember 50 years from now.

2.) I think in the year 2059, life in America will be way different. Not only will technology will be way more advance, but the country will probably be ran a lot differently in the aspects of a new government system. People will vote for all new kinds of new presidential parties to run for. Also, we could maybe have all kinds of new DNA on our planet that evolves and learns to talk English just like futurama.

3.) Compared to 1959s teenagers, my life is the similar in a few ways. I would say the homework load hasn’t changed because it was prob just as hard as it is now. Also I would say the stress and the pressure with finals and stuff like that didn’t change because high school hasn’t really changed dramatically besides technology through out the years.

Anonymous said...

1) 50 years from now, people will remember much about America. For instance, they will remember how famous singer Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, the man who created the type of music teens listen to today, and one of the greatest entertainers in the 80’s and 90’s, died! Another huge event that happened was when America elected Barrack Obama as president, the first African American ever to be president in the United States. This is important because we have never had a black president before. Citizens will always know of the depression we are going through at the moment with the economy. Almost everyone is losing all their money while the U.S. is going broke. Furthermore, our president George Bush took us to an unnecessary war which will put us in an even worse condition later. Hopefully, things will get better soon. We cannot forget about the big 9/11 that happened in 2001 and is coming up tomorrow. Terrorists highjacked two planes into the World Trade Center killing a massive amount of people. There was also another plane headed for the Pentagon in Washington, but did not succeed.

2) From today, life will be extremely different. People with jobs will be way less hard working, unlike the citizens today. I believe this because back then, people worked much harder than present time, so history will probably repeat itself. I also think our presidents will be mostly women. The presidents are already different today so things will only change more in the political world. On a religious note, everyone will be kindhearted and good to one another just as the different religions taught us to be. School is school, they might go more in depth about the topics we learn about today, but curriculum does not change, so it will be the same. Besides the fact that there will be zero books and hundreds of computers. Life will be great!

3) Back in 1959, my life was similar to the teenagers. For example, the girls loved to wear pink, as I do today. Also, people enjoyed watching movies just like everyone else.


Anonymous said...

1. The election of Barack Obama, and the death of the king of pop Micheal Jackson. I think people will remember the election more than anything because Obama was the first african american/black person to be elected president in the U.S. It brought together a country that needed change and something new. It made a difference not only in the U.S but, Kenya, Africa, Europe, and everywhere else in the world felt the change. Obama getting elected is going to be remembered for century's to com because he was the first of his race, and at that he was black. Through all the doubts and negatives we the U.S. elected him. It inspired other countries because they seen it as a breakthrough. They said ok since the US got past the race issue we can to. They're also going to remember the 9/11 attack on the world trade center, and the depression we're going through right now.
2. I look at it with two views. I think if we develop and mantain a steady cashflow and turn the economy around then everyone will prosper and flourish. By the looks of it right now I don't think we are. We have to get out of the hole. Life would be different because college prices will only increase, right now you can be qualified with a degree for a job and you still may not get hired. It use to be that when you have a degree and your diploma you have the job, but in the economy now no you wont. they cant afford to pay you. It affects peoples buisness's, cars, education and the houses. Houses are going down, cars, and owners are leaving their stores. Many states have to cut back on a lot of thing that will affect people everywhere.
3. It was similar in the sense that we had to work to earn a living, just like they did, and that trains are used to export and import goods. Your parents was head of the house still. You had to go to school, and you had to walk to your destination.

Jalen S. -5th

Anonymous said...

In fifty years people will remember this time period as an important time period in American history. People will remember the tragic events of September eleventh 2001 and the downfall of the economy in 2010. I’m sure people will also remember 2008 as the year the first half African American president, Barack Obama, was elected as the 44th president of the United States. I think Obama being elected to a more socialized health-care system much similar to the one being used in Canada and a few European countries such as; Germany, France, Holland, and others. By 2059 hopefully the United States will lose its title as the only wealthy industrialized nation that does not provide universal health care. With the advances in health-care by 2059 the percentage of obese Americans will have dramatically dropped causing cardiac arrest to no longer be the number one cause of death in the U.S. My life is similar to teenagers of 1959 in ways such as constantly changing fashion and rapidly increasing technology. Although technology has greatly increased since 1959 we still study many of the same subjects and continue to use textbooks in the classroom. We are also similar to the students of 1959 with High School sports still being a staple in teenage social life.

Jon Holland 5th hour

Anonymous said...

Ari Franklin
Hour 5

1. I think that the people in 2059 people will remember 2009 just like we remember the 1930s when the great depression was happening because our economy will be a lot better then. I also think that they will look back on 2009 as a year of bad decisions like not taking our troops out of Iraq. 2009 will also be remembered as the time when we got our first African American president Barack Obama.

2. In 2059 I think that in the future the technology will be much more advanced with flying cars and stuff we have only dreamed of. In 2059 the schools will be all electronic books and will be teaching completely different things about space because we will know way more stuff about it. I think that the kids in 2059 won’t be taught as much art because those things are already being cut in schools today. I also think that by 2059 we will have had more first presidents like women. The last thing that I think is going to be different is that almost everyone will have a job because a new business that offers a lot of jobs will be around.

3. I think that my life is similar to those of teenagers in 1959 because just like now you have to have the newest stuff. Fifty years ago the fashion was changing all of the time just like it is now. Also just like how new IPods are coming out all of the time new technology like televisions were coming out.

Anonymous said...

1. In 2059, the people of America will remember the election of the first president of any amount of African American ancestry, the wars on terrorism, and the forced bankruptcies of many businesses, countrywide, caused by the economic recession. They will remember these because Obama was the first president with African American ancestry in the 233-year history of America, the wars on terrorism caused a skyrocket in oil prices and the recession closed a large amount of small businesses and even caused some large ones to get financial bailouts.

2. In 50 years, politics may have completely changed. America might become a socialist-communist civilization that actually worked and isn’t corrupted. People may have possibly discovered the fabled Gospel of Jesus and otherwise completely disproved the existence of God and found evidence of a higher being that has evolved into a godlike species. The arts will never change in history. The composers of this time are just as brilliant of those of old. However, those who exist now have found new and different paths and inspirations for their work. Overall, life will just be made easier by technological advances and life expectancy will have grown drastically due to advances in medicine.

3. Back in 1959, the people were essentially the same; just less educated, dressed differently, and experienced a less advanced lifestyle.

Dan Edwards
3rd hour

Anonymous said...

Keon Collier, 3rd hour

1) The people of America in fifty years will remember that Barack Obama was the first black president in 2009.The people of year 2059 will be able to read that a black male was elected over a white female, Hillary Clinton, to lead the Democratic Party to historical victory. The people of America will also remember the Great Recession that America is currently in today. People will remember that the foreclosure rate of 2009 was at an all time high at 1.9 million homes.

2) Life will be different than it is today because by 2059 because we should have found an alternative fuel source therefore lowering the cost of fuel, which lowers the cost of transportation. Business traveling would probably be eliminated because by 2059 because people should have more alternatives to participate in meetings with people across the world without having to leave their office.

3) My life is similar to teenagers back in 1959 because they would wear conservative clothing like I do but, just not to that extreme. Another way my life is similar to a teen back in 1959 is that I care about my hair. Most teenagers in that era were constantly concerned with how their hair looked and did it look like Elvis Presley’s. The last similarity that I have with the teens in 1959 is we both enjoy watching TV although mine is in color.

Anonymous said...

Griffin Harms
1st Hour
1.) I think that in fifty years, Americans will still remember many events that we remember such as the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and World War II. However, there will be many recent events that will be remembered such as 9/11, the oil crisis, the War in Iraq, and Global Warming because these events have changed America forever. They will also remember when Barack Obama was elected, being the first African American president.
2.) First of all, the technology will change the way we live. By 2059, we may have successfully created artificial intelligence. Transportation may also change the way we live. It may be so fast that we will be able to travel to more places faster. New religions may form and other religions will spread. The schools will also change. There may be fewer teachers and more students. The tools for learning will be more advanced and different subject will be taught. The economy will be a lot different also. The value of the dollar will probably go down and certain resources that are scarce such as oil will be very expensive.
3.) We did a lot of things similar to the teenagers of 1959. First of all, we played sports like the teenagers of 1959. We probably led a similar schedule to the teenagers of 1959 because they would drive, go to school for 8 hours, and have the weekend for hanging out with friends and doing activities.

Anonymous said...

1: In 50 years, people will look back and remember main events in this century. All the new things that were invented, the wars, and famous people.
2: In 50 years, everything will be more advanced. Teenagers probably won’t have the average job of working at a fast food restaurant; they will already have a high-pay job. During their free time they could still play the average game of baseball or kickball but much more advanced. A special bat the swings for you very fast, or a ball that you press a button and its speed is like a pro’s. In school their classes could consist of hundreds and the school year could be much longer. They could take classes at home, where the teacher just sends the lesson and the computer teaches it to you. A lot of things will be similar in 50 years but much more advanced.
3: We have the same items or belongings that people did in 1959, but much more advanced. We still have cars, but now they can fit 8 people in them and Parallel Park for you. We still have TV’s and telephones but a bigger selection of them and a lot of people have more than one. We go to school and learn and do homework like everyone else does, but we have technology to help us. Instead of looking through books to find information, we have computers. Instead of doing mental math, we have calculators. Melissa Pace 1st hour

Anonymous said...

Blog #18 - Groves in 1959 and America in 2059

People will remember the more influential people and not so influential people of 2009. They’ll remember the first black president, President Obama, and what he’s done for America. They’ll remember Osama bin laden and his terrorism throughout the world. They’ll also remember how “the swine flu pandemic” spread around America, only to realize it was a simple flu.

The world as a total will have gone through a revolutionary anarchy period and will have started anew, with one world leader chosen from a delegate somewhere in the world.

Teenagers are teenagers they’ll all go through adolescence.

jared monchnik

ian frederik said...

In 50 years i will probably either be alive or dead. This is very general but it is true. Ill probably be alive and retired. I probably shouldn’t have retired so early; but at 65 id think i had a fun life and id is ready to sit back and relax in Scottsdale. The world has been astounded by my genius and my massive god complex.

The United States does not owe the some trillion dollars but is now in the billions. The DOW and NASDAQ are at 300% of today. Canada is also up 285% with their stocks. There is no school but you are subconsciously fed the information through sleep. Naturally people are now government spies and will tattle on you for your every wrong doing. So the government has burned the declaration of independence and United States is a communist state.

There is a single world leader who runs everything and has declared a state of emergency in the United States. So the democracy might be restored soon. Aliens made contact in 2035. And we are friends with them. In return we have gained a massive amount of technology and knowledge from them. From that, now People fly and drive to work.

Anonymous said...

Blog #18 – Groves in 1959 and America in 2059
1) People will remember the bankruptcy of General Motors. People will remember the first black president to be elected. People will remember the senseless war in Iraq.
2) I think life will be different from today, as jobs are created for engineers and environmentalists to problem solve and design ways to capitalize on our natural resources. The way we run our country will be different because politics will change. Our government will have one unified party that combines the best ideas of democrats and republicans so that decisions about governmental policies will improve. In a fast paced world we will want to go to our travel destinations in less time. Therefore, hovercrafts will need to be made affordable and available to anyone who wants to arrive faster without the headache of traffic tie-ups.
3) I think the teenagers from 1959 till today are more alike than people think. For example the clothing, I think we were some of the clothing still that we wore back then. Like jeans, high wasted skirts, plaid clothing, big jewelry, and big glasses. Another example would be teachers. I think teachers still look goofy today. (Ha). It is true that we had a more advanced technology like computers, phones. While they carried book and had to use like the one phone per-school.
Thinking about all this makes me want to go back in time and live the year1959 and go through a fun experience.


Anonymous said...

1.)In fifty years, America will remember our war in Iraq. The war in Iraq has had a very big influence on the people of America because of the fact that thousands of American soldiers died to fight for our country against the war on terror. September 11th is another event America has and will continue to remember. Thousands of innocent lives were lost that day and the destruction of some famous buildings. We will remember the recession and how it affected families, businesses and Michigan car companies. The thing Americans will remember the most is the first African American president, Barrack Obama being elected as the president. That’s one of the biggest things that has gone down in history.
2.)I think life 50 years from now will be better than it is now. There will be new and better medicine, maybe even a cure for a life threatening disease such as cancer or AIDS. The economy will be better than it is now and more fuel efficient cars will have been made so the cost of gasoline will have gone down, or might not even be sold anymore. Racist will hopefully won’t be existent and schools will get even better technology than what they have know which will make the learning process better for students. Also, I think there will be robots.
3.)My life isn’t really that much similar to teenagers back in the 1950s. But some similarities are that I hang out with my friends as teens from the 50s did also. I listen to modern music just as they did such as Elvis. I look forward to the newest technology like cell phones and ipods and they probably were looking forward to telephones and televisions.

Brittney Jernigan
5th Hour

Anonymous said...

Mitch Kelly
3rd hour

They will remember Obama’s presidency and what he did. They will remember that he was the 44tn president of the U.S. of A. They will remember Billy Mays and Michael Jacksons death. They will also remember the war that we are in with Iraq.

Life will be more advanced with technology and the way one lives. There will be
new ways of transportation and religion will expand with new ideas and beliefs and the way they are practiced. Sports will be changed because of better equipment and more efficient like reduced weight and better materials with better air flow. Work will change and be more advanced. New items will be introduced that could help ways with living and with personal life. Items like the ipod will be replaced with other item that are better and are capable to do a lot more.

Our lives and teenage lives of the 60’s are a little similar. What they did then was wear their cloths and hair very differently. They would not wear jeans and the girls mostly wore dresses. Sports were pretty similar. The civil rights movement was also in play than so that changed things a bit. There was a larger white population in the schools.

Anonymous said...

Randi Garfield
1st hour
1. Some of the history people will remember in fifty’s will incorporate the economic situation that the United States is facing right now and learn from past mistakes so history doesn’t repeat its self for the third time. In 2009, American’s elected their first African American president which was revolution. It showed how much America has changed for the better.
2. In fifty years, life will be different than it is today because we will create more efficient ways to handle issues and tasks. Hopefully, we will find a way to repair economy. They have been working on alternative sources of energy, such as wind, solar, water or nuclear powered energy. By then there could be a solution to the harmful factors contributing to climate change. Cars may be more advanced or eliminated by a more resourceful substitute. Other ways to reduce the CO2 level might be discovered.
3. One way, my life is similar to teenagers back in 1959 because I wonder what life is going to be like in 50 years, and I am sure they wondered what life how would be like then. Also, the events, discoveries, inventions, and things created before 1959 are not forgotten. Like movies and shows they used to watch are still available. The history created during that time will always be remembered, and may still effect us today. Other way is even though the selections of commutation has became more advanced, we have a lot of the same experiences and feeling and we relate to people the same.

Anonymous said...

Kristina Ndrejaj 5th
1. The people of America in fifty years will remember the down turn of the economy in 2009. They’ll also remember the advances in technology and science. Depending on how swine flu turns out, 2009 could be remembered as a devastating time in history. They will also see how much fashion, art, and entertainment has changed.

2. A lot of the jobs we have now might not be available in fifty years because of advances in technology. Different religions will spread to different parts of the world. And hopefully people will become more accepting of different religions. Schools will start using more technology and less books and paper. This will result in a better environment in America. Art will be more graphic design than paintings and sculptures. Also, sports that aren’t popular now, may be more popular than it is today.

3. I think that the lives of teenagers in 1959 is both similar and different than the lives of teenager now, in 2009. In the year 1959 girls wore more modest clothes. They wore skirts and dresses to the knee, and rarely wore pants. There were also great advances in technology in 1959, just as in 2009.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy McCafferty

1. In fifty years I believe people will remember the changes in the economy that are occurring today. I believe people will remember this because it is a major factor in the way most people live their lives in this day in age. Many other major events could occur between 2009 and 2059. Violence and war could increase or decrease around the world, new viruses could be introduced and old ones such as the H1N1 virus could thrive or be destroyed.

2. Fifty years from now travel will most likely much faster and more efficient due to new found fuel sources and better safety features. Schooling may be more advanced as well (learning subjects in earlier grades than we do now). Much of schooling could take place at home due to internet classes. Due to advances in technology leisure time may be very different as well (new games, new ways to do common leisure activities such as reading, or writing). Office working may also be quicker and more efficient due to advances in technology as well.

3. Based on class discussion my life may have been similar to a teenager in 1959 through having to go to school during the week or wear clothes that are popular in our society.

Anonymous said...

In fifty years from now in 2059 people will remember the election of president Barrack Obama. They will remember this because he was the first African American president to be elected to be president of the United States which opened up opportunities for African Americans. They will also remember the bad economy which affected the big three auto industry which has eliminated a lot of jobs. They will also remember the terrorist attack on 9/11. The way we travel will never be the same.

How will life be different? Life will be different in 50 years because the election of Barrack Obama will encourage more ethnic groups to run for office or other places in the government, so hopefully there will be less racism in America. The food prices will also go up because there will be a more demand for food because of overpopulation. The overpopulation will be caused by the new advances of cures for diseases like cancer. Our world might even be hotter because of global warming.

Our life was similar to teenagers back in 1959 because they were dealing with race with the Civil Rights Movement and we are dealing with race issues since the election of an African American President. We are also similar in that we still are using copiers which were invented then.

Ashton -1st

Anonymous said...

Some things that people will remember of America in fifty years is that in 2009 Barack Obama, the forty-third president, was the first African American president elected. They will remember this because this is history because never before has an African American been elected to the seat of power as the president. September 11, 2001 will be remembered because that was the day that the twin towers were hit and has so far lead to an eight year war.

Life will be different than today because they will think that we are nuts because we carry around big heavy backpacks filled with books when they have all their books online. They might not ever need to have a backpack because all of the work they will do will be online. Lots of the rooms will have computers to work on and every household will have at least two computers because the children will do homework, projects, papers, essays, take notes, and learn lessons of the computer. They will also think that we are wasteful. We use lots of coal, gas, and we don’t make use of the natural resources that we have like sunlight, water, and wind. If we use those for energy we wouldn’t have global warming maybe. They will think that it was stupid of us not to have an alternative source of energy for our cars to run on. In 2059 the health care could be better with new medicines that keep people from getting sick, and people will be living longer due to better health care. 2059 fashion will most likely have changed a great deal. It might be that retro is what is ‘in’ in fashion. They will also think that we have weird hairstyles.

My life is similar to teenagers back in 1959 because we have homework now and they had homework then too. I go to school, and they went to school. A loaf of bread cost less than a gallon of milk does. In 1959 it cost 20¢ and in 2008 it cost $1.46. A gallon of milk in 1959 cost $1.00 and in 2009 cost $3. Teenagers had deal t with similar problems as teenagers do now. One big one is relationships. This guy likes this girl, this girl likes this guy but neither will say anything. Or she likes this guy, this guy said he liked her, but did he mean it? Then there is the ‘___________ (insert person’s name here) will you go out on a date with me?’ question.

Kaleigh -1st Hour

Anonymous said...

Isaac A. - 1st Hr.

1. People in the year 1959 will remember America today as a country with a lot of issues, including the recession and the war with Iraq. But they will also remember this time as the year that the first black president was elected. They might also think that a lot of the technology today is old and out of date.

2. Life will be very different in 2059 than it is today. There will hopefully be improvements in health care, including cures for deadly diseases such as cancer and AIDS. Everyday life might also be easier with advanced technology. Cars will be more complex and energy efficient. However, new and more difficult problems will exist. Global warming may cause the Earth to drastically change. Coastal regions would be threatened by rising waters and many areas would turn to desert. This would lead to use of alternate energy sources like wind and solar power. There also might be overpopulation and shortages of food in many countries.

3. Teenagers in 1959 are very similar to teenagers today. In 1959, teenagers played sports, tried to get good grads in classes, and hung out with friends just like kids in 2009.

Anonymous said...

Blaine Bishop
1st hour

1. I believe that in 50 years that the America of today will be remembered as the first group to vote a minority into office. We may also be remembered as the group to go through the second depression. There is a good chance that we will be remembered as the group that put America in such bad debt to other countries. Hopefully it isn’t all negatives though and we will be remembered as the group that solved “climate change”.
2. Life in 50 years will vary from life today in many ways. In 50 years it will most likely no longer be a big deal to have a president that is either a girl or from a minority group. Also, schools will become greatly accelerated in order to stay competitive with growing nations. In 50 years we may also have a better idea on what religion is the most accurate, because we will have more advanced technology that is able to tell us when and where things originated.
3. Based on our class discussion life today isn’t that different from life 50 years ago. Teenagers still had to worry about earning enough money to buy a car, doing well in there classes, and chores around the house. Also I’m sure teens back then were all about the newest technology, which for them was things like vinyl, and televisions. Today us teenagers are all about having HDTV and the newest ipod, so things haven’t really changed that much.

Anonymous said...

Blake Jackson
5th Hour

Fifty years from now I think people will most likely remember our war on terror dating all the way back to the tragic terrorist attack of 9/11 back in 2001. People will most likely also remember happier and more proud time such as the 2008 election where the first Black president was elected and the first female presidential candidate backed by a major party. As well as the advances we made in technology from touch screen cell phones to High Definition televisions. I think that life will not be that much different than it is today, people believed that by now we would all have flying cars and robots do all of our housework and we’re not there yet. I think that obviously advances will be made I am hoping that by that time there will be much less poverty and diseases. I also think that the job market would have risen back up to fill the need for all the new jobs. I think that by this time school in the form of college will be much more affordable by most and that the kids by then will already be learning at a much higher rate than we are. Just like back in 1959 our country is also undergoing change. Although not as large as the civil rights movement we’re trying to bring all of our country together as one. Not as a separate middle class, lower class and upper class. With the current recession the economic labels don’t seem to matter as much

Anonymous said...

Adam Egrin 5th period

1. Why does it appear that we make significant changes (changes that many people acknowledge need to be made) only after a major tragedy has occurred?
For instance, after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, our airline security was finally improved.

I think one of the reasons that keeps people from addressing a problem only after a catastrophe is because most people in a place of power remain in a state of denial. There can be many reasons for their denial. One example of these reasons may be money. They avoid spending the money on preventions that they feel may be a waste of resources.

2. What keeps us from making the changes / reforms before a big catastrophe occurs?
Nothing truly prevents us from acting before a catastrophe except ourselves. Greed, true naiveté, and ignorance are the three main obstacles to these changes.
We may be inconvenienced or charged more money if forced to change for safety’s sake. What is meant by naiveté is we don’t always use the “what ifs”. We choose to believe that bad things won’t happen to us. This leads us to the ignorance factor. Sometimes it’s easier to be blind to the dangers that are possible.
Possible solutions to these problems are to go through the what ifs and then we can be prepared and don’t have to lose lives in order to change.

Anonymous said...

In fifty years I think that people will remember the recession that we had that crippled the stock market and our economy. Also I think that people will remember the election of the first black president Barrack Obama. Also I think people will remember the war on terror and the effect that it had on the peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan. Also I think that they will remember the horrific event that happened on September 11 2001. This event brought patriotism and love to our country and made everyone proud to be Americans.

I think that in 50 years technology will be the most important things in our lives. We will use technology for everything small chores will be obsolete and every company will be incredibly advanced and make work easier for everyone. I think that religion will be not as important to people as it is now and to the people who still are religious they will have advancements to like they will no more about the people in the bible. The world will be paperless. Especially the schools there will be no books and the desks will have computers and all projects will be emailed to the teachers.

In 1959 I think that teenagers were similar to us in only a few ways. We both have the same problems with drugs and alcohol. But we have more temptations and a lot more different types of temptations. Both of us definitely had problems with our parents and schools. There are a lot of differences too. I think that we are way less conservative with everything from clothing to music. Also we don’t value education like kids did back then and kids cut class jut because.

Nick P.

Anonymous said...

Matt Baker
3rd Hour
1.) Fifty years from now people will remember a lot of things about our world today. People will remember things like “The Green Revolution” and how people started to care more for the environment. People will also remember the crash of Chrysler and GM, which were 2 of the largest corporations of the 20th Century.
2.) Life in 2059 will be very different than the world we live in today in many different ways. One thing that will be different is the job market will be almost 100% sales and entertainment. Sales because due to the technological advancements few people will actually be needed for physical work but more for scientific work, (ex. One company makes a machine that they sell to another company that needs their machine to make their own product that they sell to the public, but the first company needs a certain machine to build their machine at a fast enough rate to maximize profits) in short the business world will be one giant web of buyers and sellers.
3.) Ways teenage life is similar to that of 1959 is that we both are/did experience a time when new technological advancements took place and people discovered many new things.