Wednesday, February 09, 2011

FYI - New websites

Hi folks,

I'm not teaching American history this year, but I am teaching Advanced Placement U.S. History (APUSH) which you can find here .  In the blogroll on the side, you'll find tons of links for all sorts of cool US History stuff in addition to help w/ the AP test.

I am also teaching a junior / senior elective called Honors Philosophy in which we focus on the history of Western Philosophy.  You can see what we're writinig about here . 

Earlier this year, I was teaching World History.  In Michigan, our first semester goes from the fall of Rome to the Enlightenment (yeah, 1200 years!).  The second semester covers the French Revolution to the present.  Thanks to the folks who wrote the state curriculum for that one.  Our school decided to put an emphasis on more current history in the World History class, so you'll see in my freshmen's blog that I've done a concerted effort to tie in old stuff w/ new stuff.  Click here: 

Enjoy the reading.  Leave your feedback here on this blog.  I highly recommend getting your class on a blog and using either Blogger or Edublogs - both are free and relatively free of ads.  Lets the kids take control once in a while and have them write the questions. 


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