Wednesday, November 19, 2008

CNN's Campbell Brown on the Big 3's Bailout

In her No Bias, No Bull section of the broadcast, Campbell Brown let's it rip on the Big 3. I think she's got some very valid points when it comes to the long long wait for more fuel efficient cars and big fat CEO paychecks. Listen to what she has to say below:

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Anonymous said...

If i we're in this kinda of situation, i wouldnt quite know where to turn. An economic crisis is bad enough, and even wrost when your childrens college funds, retirnment money, and morgage funds are invested in stocks that make up our failing stock market.
Getting laid off doesnt promise a stable income with unemployed checks. It also doesnt guarentee the health insurance benifits that we're once promised to the companys workers. People are getting scared that they cant pay off their existing loans, and most only purchase the bare minimum in order to buy only what is necessary...So companys that deal with luxuary items are no longer seeing sales. Banks arent loaning money to people with bad credit, and those people must work twice as hard to provide for themselves, let alone their families. Another thing, people who are disabled and unable to work are being forced to live with relatives and benifit of charities. this is a problem, because now not only does the person need to provide for himself, but also for the disabled family member to whom they cannot simply ignore. Bailout money will only increase national debt, and it doesnt guarentee that everyone will simply be employed, and pay off their debts. Plus, where would we get this bailout money? and how do we plan to pay it back?
There is no real efficient way to fix our economic crisis...just to support our own american made products to help the economy, and to hope that Obama will come up with some plan for a bailout without increasing our national debt by another 66 trillion.