Saturday, April 28, 2007

Inequality in schools - what can be done?

Jeff K. asks:

Is it fair today that just like back then (before segregation) when the white schools were better than the blacks school to have the Private schools in the nation be better than the Public schools in the nation?

Is it fair that parents with more money or a higher standards of living can send their children to a school that offers maybe more classes, than parents with less money who can't afford to send their kids there?

Should all schools be the same as to what they offer for classes and what they teach? Should we get rid of the differences between these schools and give everyone a fair chance to succeed What do you believe should be done?


Anonymous said...

No, it is not fair to have private schools in the nation be better than the public schools. Everyone, whether black, white, asian or indian; should get the same education. We all should be equal. This is pretty much taking us back to the same place we were in the 60s. Black and White segregated schools. Today, most blacks don't have the same learning materials as the schools where whites are the majority. People make it seem as if private schools are better than public schools; but Groves is an example of a public school that could and probably is better than a few private schools.
I think that all schools should carry the same cirriculum. It would be hard now because of the way the minority students have been brought up. When they are elementary students, they don't get the same help as the whites do while growing up. I do think that we should get rid of the differences so that everyone will have equal opportunities. Everyone has a dream and that dream can only be acheived with the right resources. The whites have those resources, but not the minorities that don't have the financial benefits. I think to really make Dr. Martin Luther King's dream come true, we will have to make our schools equal in learning opportunities.

Eboni Bell
5th Hour

Anonymous said...

No, it isn’t fair to have private schools because not all students are receiving the same education. Some people would want their kids to be in a private school but they can’t afford it, which isn’t fair. If there are going to be private schools then people should work towards making the curriculum equal for public and private schools.
Public schools should also be made to have the same curriculum and standards. People who have more money have the advantage of sending their kids to a better school. People who don’t have the same high standards of living have to send their kids to a school that doesn’t provide the best education. So once again people with more money have the chance to do better in life.
Even the classes offered should be the same. When colleges look to see what classes you have taken some people who went to a better school have had advantages. Compared to me and my friends who go to other schools, Groves offers a lot more classes then some other schools do.
There is no way to justify and say all public schools are the same. If two students applying for college both received a 3.5 G.P.A., one student coming from a well know high school, and the other student coming from a poor high school then of course the student from the well know high school is more likely to be accepted.
In conclusion I believe all schools should offer the same classes and curriculum so that everyone will have the same advantages. There shouldn’t be such large differences between schools. Everyone deserves the best education they can get.

~Brandi Brown
5th Hour

Anonymous said...

I believe that every student should be given a fair chance at all schooling opportunities. I think it is right to have private schools because of each individuals needs. This is also unfair though because some students may not have enough money to attend a private school and have to be stuck in a school where they are constantly not pushed enough. Some students do not have the same advantages as we do today and its unfair to those students. Although we can not directly help them, we can make their challenges in education a little bit easier. Private schools should have scholarships to accept kids that are only the best who we know will try hard to succeed and push their academic limits. Private schools should be for kids who find that public schools are to slow and easy for them. These students do not have a high enough academic level to skip a grade. These kids would then go to Private school instead of public schools. I believe that all public schools should offer the same classes and what they teach. This way, students will not feel pressured to attend one school over another. We need to get rid of the differences between these schools and give all students a fair chance to succeed. If we don’t, what will the world be like in 50 years? 100? Our schools will be dramatically changed during those years. What happens when educators make a school higher than Private. If we don’t act now, when will we?

Evie C.
6th Hour

Anonymous said...

I do not think that private schools should be better than public schools. This is not fair to children who are coming from families with less money. Only parents with a lot of money are able to send their kids to private schools, where they can get a better education. This means that students who can't afford to be in a private school are at a disadvantage to those who can. Everyone should have an equal education oppurtunity. All public schools should be just as good as private schools. If that was the case, there really wouldn't even be a reason to have private schools. In my opinion, the difference between public and private schools is unfair. All students need to have the same advantages. Some kids might have a lot of potential but because they can't afford to go to a better school, they don't end up with the same education and therefore can't do as well in life. Just because their parents didn't do as well doesn't mean that poor children shouldn't be able to do well. Some public schools are very nice, but others aren't. They should all be equal.

Kaitlyn M.

Anonymous said...

No, I don’t believe that the difference between public and private schools is fair. I believe that all students should have equal opportunity to succeed in life. But in today’s world this is not the case because private schools are usually better than public schools. The students going to the better school obviously have a better chance to excel in college and later on in life. This situation resembles the situation in mid 1900’s with the segregated schools because one type of school is higher up than the other. In today’s world it is a problem because of the disparity of how much or how little a family has and what type of school the student attends because their family does or doesn’t have enough money. The public school systems are often at a disadvantage because they only get their money from the government. The private schools can charge whatever they want and people will still go because people want their kids to go to the best school possible no matter what especially when money is not a factor. All schools should be able to offer the same courses to every student therefore giving everyone an equal chance at success. Andrew Wehbe-6th

Anonymous said...

No i think its not fair the private schools are bigger and more advanced. I feel everyone should get the same education but with some private shcools they are being taught more. The reason... money just because a person has mor money they deserve an better education. I no its not fair but almost everything in life isnt fair. People without health insurance cant get the same medical attention. I feel if a kid is really smart or has the potential should be able take the same courses as a kid in a private school system. I think the world is developing so that people will be able to get anytype of education.
I feel all schools should offer the same courses because one school shouldnt put a person ahead of another person. Its not fair if an another school teaches more advanced things then a public school. If they want to make there school nice and add things if they have the money for there shcool i feel thats fine, But when they start teach 3rd graders 9th grade material i feel thats stupid. I feel that every school should have fair equality and no one school should be better than another one.

Aston Williams~
5th Hour

Anonymous said...

After reading this statement i do feel as thou it isnt fair in this society how people have to live depending on their status in society and how the world see them. I believe there should be an stand point on how different school are treated becuase i feel as thou it should be fair and allow every student an equal oppurtunity to get a better education and not be downgraded.
It shouldnt matter on how you live, were you live, how much money you have because when you look at all of that it doesnt matter. For instense you could have a poor kid get the same type of education a rich kid could get and make it in this world and become something, where you could have the rich kid slack off and do bad and not try to do anything for themself and become something. So i feel like society shouldnt just base it off those things, it should base it off who wants to get a good education and do something for themselves and give them the oppurtuinity to do it. I believe we should get rid of the difference because to me in my aspect i feel like that is a racial stand point to a certain point becuase in this country we may not have alot of different ethicities to be able to afford a good education and so they are lose in poverty and then you have the rich people who dont have to worry about that. That begins to make people fill as thou they are trying to say that they cant succeed in life and they wont be anybody and they waste the school systems time by coming to school and not trying to learn. I just feel as thou we all should get the type of education we deserve and it shouldnt be no crappy education either, so when somebody do graduate they wont be able to get into any good school becuae they had poor learning.
Brittany Forbes