Thursday, April 26, 2007

Jackie Kennedy in Dallas - what would you have done?

Why didn't Jackie try to protect her husband the first time he was shot?

Also why was her first instinct when he was shot the second time to try and jump out of the car and grab his skull?

Wouldn't everybody's first instinct (without thinking if their loved one was shot) to be to grab them and try to protect them?

What would you do?

Christina L.

An assassination conspiracy page (from Germany!?)


Anonymous said...

I think that Jackie was in too much of a shock when her husband got shot. When people are in shock usually they don’t act with the most common sense in mind. When he got shot the second time and she grab his skull, maybe she was thinking that they could put him back together at the hospital with the piece of the skull she had gotten. I don’t know if everyone’s first instinct would be to put his or her life at risk to protect someone else. Personally it would depend on the person for me. If I was up in years and my quality of life was not that great I would not want a younger person to protect me from being shot. That younger person has many more years of life to live and should not take their life to protect an old codger that many only live for another year or so not enjoying life since they are very ill. But if it were someone one like my sister or one of my parents I would for sure protect them.

Emily Betts

Anonymous said...

I believe that Jaclyn didn’t notice when her husband got shot the first time. Therefore she continued the role as the first lady, at the time. Once she noticed her husband was hurt she goes to the back of the car to get some of husbands skull that was lost when shot the second time. I think she does this because she didn’t know what else to do, her husband and the President of the United States had just been shot. Maybe other peoples mind would be set on if their loved ones were okay. But people think there own ways so you can’t judge Jaclyn for going to get her husbands skull before tending to him. What would you do if your loved one got shot and they were a very important person in the world?
-Kellie H.