Saturday, April 28, 2007

Malcolm or Martin? Too much? Too little?

This week we talked about the segregation problems we had back then. We talked about how the civil rights leaders fought injustice not just for blacks but for every minority. Examples of leaders are MLK, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X.

Black Americans continued to protest and the fight against injustice in a non-violent way until Malcolm X came. The situation escalated to the point of black madness of Malcolm X. Do you think Malcolm X went too far? If so, why?
Do you think MLK did too little? Why or why not ?
What are some similarities between the two of them?
Gil C. - 5th Hr.

Build the Dream - National MLK Monument in D.C. -

The Official Website of Malcolm X -


Anonymous said...

I think that Malcolm X did go too far with his protests, because he was demonstrating that anger was the driving force behind overcoming racism rather than peace. Unlike Malcolm X, Dr. King protested against all injustice; and for the nation to come together in peace. Because of his overwhelming success in using television and the news to show the injustice and cruelty that the nation has been ignoring, thus showing the world that prejudice is al around them and that something has to be done to stop it. I would say that Dr. Kings non-violent protests would really be the only affective way to show the would how African Americans deserve equal treatment, because to some racist guy a black man violently protesting would just spark anger and wouldn’t gain sympathy for his cause. Overall I think that both Malcolm X and Dr. King share a cause to overcome racial injustice in America, and to free all Americans from oppression and prejudice.

Alex L.
5th Hour

Anonymous said...

To touch on the inequalities we had back then and the ones we have now i think Malcolm and MLK tried to better the society. Malcolm X did his protest by taking action and in which he lead chaos with na reason through out society. I think he did take it to far because he made it known to be revengeful and to act violent. Martin on the other hand did his protest with no violence or cruelty except for the cruelty that was delt on the black folk. H e made it known that no matter what y'all do to us we are still strong and we will still fight for our rights unviolently. In Malcome madwe alot of society take notice of injustice and day by day things were getting easier for the minorities.

Gil Clark
6th Hour