Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Colbert Report: What does it take to get John Edwards's vote?

WoW! The election in Pennsylvania hinges on the "white working class" male vote. It's no longer soccer moms or Reagan Democrats. It's the white guy's turn. And here's Senator John Edwards with his take on how Obama or Clinton can get his vote.


Anonymous said...

I personally don't think protesting war, during war time, is a treasonous offense. No matter what choices the president or any other person in our society makes, people will have their opinions. It’s the people’s choice of how they perceive anything and if they choose to protest, they have to realize the consequences that come with it. War is a harsh topic as it is, so keeping your views to yourself or close ones is the best choice. But keep in mind if you decide to go against the president’s choices, he will never know. Saying that protesting is disloyalty is like saying not voting for which president you want is disloyalty. For example lets say you vote for the candidate that doesn’t become our president in the end, isn’t that disloyalty? Though the winning candidate won’t know who you voted for, you went against them. Either way (weather you support the war or not) someone will be offended. For future warnings to anyone who decides to protest, watch out. Once taking the initiative to protest you are engulfing yourself in a lot of criticism. As mentioned in this blog there have been protestors in the past and they have gotten it pretty bad (Kent State University).


Anonymous said...

I think that protesting during a war is not a treasonous offense. People always have the right to show their opinions in this free country. There will ALWAYS be opinions in the war, so there is no way in even trying to stop them. And again, it goes against the people’s rights and the right to their opinions. People have the right to think and they can protest, but just have to accept the consequences if the protesting would become violent. What I’m saying is that the people should be able to protest, as long as it doesn’t become too much or too violent. That’s when other people start to get hurt and it soon gets out of control of the people. But that’s when the authorities should respond more peacefully, Kent State University was a tragic moment and the people shouldn’t have fired. If there were another protest like that, the authorities should respond in a less devastating way, and of course no one should be killed. The people did have the right to protest and it shouldn’t have happened like that. That’s why the people should have the right to protest and not have it as a treasonous crime.
Trevor Nielsen
2nd Hour