Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Daily Show: Celebrity Endorsements

This is a hilarious look at celebrity endorsements when (it seems) everyone in Hollywood is taking sides in the 2008 Election.


Anonymous said...

If I lived in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina struck I think I would have left the city because it wouldn’t be worth it to stay. I would want to protect my family and my life more than I would want to stay home in New Orleans. I would’ve known that hurricanes are no joke and that they are deadly. The Government knew how powerful the hurricane was and I have no intention of sticking around during a category five hurricane. I would’ve gathered all of my essential things and everything sentimental to me and taken them with me out of the state. Homes and material things can be replaced but life is something that once gone will never return and it’s just not worth it to risk my life for my property. I think that people, who could’ve left, stayed because they didn’t want to lose everything that they worked for. Many of the people who stayed grew up in New Orleans and aren’t willing to leave their home, even if they knew a hurricane was coming. Other people who stayed underestimated the intensity of the hurricane. They didn’t think that it would be as bad as it was and weren’t willing to leave their business or home for a hurricane that they thought wasn’t that bad.
Robbie Lewis 5th

Anonymous said...

nicole Niezgocki
2nd hour

I think that someone so unimportant to politics like Bill Russell (or other sports figures in today's world) can have such a big social/cultural impact on America by we look up to them. We look up to our everyday role models and we want to do what they do, and say what they say. If they say jump, we say how high. We want to believe in the people we look up to, and we listen to them. If they say something is good or to vote for soemone, we will. We want to be like them. We want the life that they have, the perfect life. We want to belive and try and live the life of our role models.