Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Can you say, "Extra Credit"?

Again, just like we've done before, use www.mydropbox.com . My class is 62629 and the password is wickersham .
Here are the movies that you can choose from:
1. October Sky
2. The Right Stuff
3. The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio
4. Apollo 13
5. US vs. John Lennon
6. All the President's Men

*If you have another suggestion for a movie that is NOT rated R, email me first before doing a review on it for approval.

1. A minimum one-page summary of the movie's plot/story including a description of the main characters.

2. Minimum 1/2 page summary of the historical elements in the movie - what historical events, people, or moments in time does this movie portray? Are these characters real, fictional? Describe the clothes, transportation, technology (yes, they do have their own version of technology - it's just Outdoor Plumbing 1.0), historical attitudes and beliefs, etc. Provide at least four specific examples with explanation.

3. Minimum 1/2 page on how this movie has expanded your historical awareness of the topic we have already studied. Make sure you describe in this section how the movie connects with an era that we have studied with specific examples from the movie.

4. Keep It or Ditch It - This is where you rate the movie on a true teenager's interest scale. After watching this movie, would this movie might have been something you would have picked out on your own to watch? Why or why not? For a school-related history movie, on a scale of one to five (one being "Good God, don't ever show that again!" to five being "I'm getting on Amazon to buy the DVD"), give a rating for the movie with an explanation. The assignment is worth 20 points max.

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