Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hurricane Katrina - what can we do better?

In the past week, we have been learning about the effects of Hurricane Katrina not only on the places hit by the hurricane but our country and even the world too. I thought it was very interesting to learn about different peoples' views on whose fault they thought it was. Most people who did not vote for President Bush to become president in the first place were quick to blame him, but from my point of view I feel that it was everyone’s fault all the way down the tree of the government system.
Everyone including President Bush, FEMA, Louisiana governor Kathleen Blanco, and New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin were responsible for this catastrophic event that might have been able to be prevented had the people in high ranking positions of government worked together. If they had worked together they could have established a plan of action if something like this were to occur.
Who do you blame for this slow response and recovery efforts? Explain.

What kinds of plans can be established now to improve the emergency response to this and other unforeseen disasters? Explain.
Editor's note: We looked at the whole Hurricane Katrina fiasco in the context of the unfinished Civil Rights Movement. Many of the images that we saw in New Orleans were of the poor, elderly and left behind. A great many of them were African-Americans. I wanted to examine the reasons why so many were left behind and how this connected to the CRM. Even now, we're still in awe at how unbelievably mixed up the relief effort was in the first week and the subsequent finger pointing and blame game. Frontline's The Storm was especially helpful.

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Anonymous said...

The slow response to hurricane Katrina was a combination of all authority. Mistakes were made on all levels of government from President Bush all the way down to the mayor of New Orleans and FEMA. Everyone was unprepared and lacked the resources needed for a quick recovery.
President Bush made the mistake of overlooking the people in need of supplies in New Orleans and focused too much on the destruction of the disaster. There was a lack of communication between FEMA and the Mayor of New Orleans, which led to starving, derived, homeless people. I believe that FEMA denied the problem at the beginning to cover up their unprepared ness. FEMA could have at least been apologetic about the situation but instead they brushed it off as if everything went exactly as planned.

I hope this disaster was a real eye opener for the authority on all the levels. They need to learn from their mistakes and do a much better time with the next disaster. We need to be totally prepared for everything and everyone needs to put forth some effort for a speedy recovery.The people neglected during this disater deserved more help and hospitality than was given to them by the government. Lets make sure next time runs smoother.
Anna Badalamenti 6th hour