Thursday, May 17, 2007

Is there a right way to protest?

I thought the article "Tragedy at Kent State" was very interesting. I don't agree with what the student did by torching the building, but why were they so angry? Was it because people they knew in the army were dying or were they just anti-war? What didn't the students agree with about President Nixon's decision? The student didn't start the protest off to good, but when they tried to end it peacefully was when things got out of hand. Student voiced there opinions (peacefully) during the rally which they had the right to do, so why did things end the way they did? I don't understand why all charges against the troops were dropped, the state giving the families and students money doesn't make up for the lives they lost and injuries they dealt with. I think there should be better ways to end or control situations like this. Without using violence, what is the best way to handle a group of protestors?
Shayna S.

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Anonymous said...

I thought the massacre at Kent State was a tragedy too. I didn't understand how the protestors weren't hurt when they had violent torchings while protesting, but when they have a peaceful protest voicing their opinions four end up dead while 9 are injured. I think the situation wasn't handled correctly by the troops. I think they didn't know how to handle it and got scared.I also didn't undertsand why they were left with no charges against them. They were supposed to be in control of the situation, but they weren't, and that is when things got out of hand. The youth of the protest were anti - war and fighting for their beliefs. They did not handle all their protests in the best way though.
I think the troops should have been more prepared for the situation. I don't think they handled it in the right way. The others who should be held responsible for the situation was the school itself. They should have had the situation under control and saw to it that the protest was done peacefully. I think that weapons were used very lax in this situation. When there is a high pressure situation a weapon is the last thing you need to add to the mix. I think the troops should be more prepared for those types of situations. You could handle that much better without weapons. You could use tear gas and more legal enforcement. Before any physical action you should really try to verbally negotiate with the protestors.
Kent State was a tragedy. Today it is an example to how we shouldn't act in those types of situations. It also showed error in our troops. Today we can better ourselves by looking back at that situation.

Hannah Burch