Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Questions about Kent State

A few weeks ago we read an article about the Kent State tragedy. Four students were killed and 9 were injured. In the article, "Tragedy at Kent State", it says that the troops were outnumbered and out of tear gas. It also said that they "acted without specific order but did have discretionary authority to return fire." The article said that some believed the troops were responding to sniper fire, but there was no evidence of a sniper ever found.

Why do you think the troops fired into the crowd then? What was their reasoning? Were they scared and just acting on impulse?

Claire M. - 5th Hour

Website devoted to pics and documents from Kent State: http://speccoll.library.kent.edu/4may70/may4cont.html


Anonymous said...

With the incident at Kent State I think the guards fired into the crowd, because they were scared. The troops were also out-numbered, out-spoken, and threatened. However in the attempt to stop the angry crowd, they should’ve used a better approach. As a result life’s were taken, hearts were broken, and people were charged with murder.
Threatened by the surrounding rumors, the guards quoted they "acted without specific order but did have discretionary authority to return fire." I believe that they might have acted out of Self-Defense.
For their shady judgment, I believe the punishment fit most of the crime.

Imani R.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Imani. The guardsmen were mostly likely scared because they were outnumbered and acted out of fear and self defense. With no way to protect themselves and little time to think they did what came to mind first. While looking back at this inccident, it was a horrible thing to do to kill them. They should have been punished but it was an accident. It is so easy to look back and say they did the wrong thing, but if you were in the situation what would you do? It is hard to be sure about your answer to that question because knowing that I have never been in a situation similar to that at all I can't exactly tell what I would do.

-Mariah Van Ermen