Wednesday, May 16, 2007

More thoughts on Katrina by Megan

We just ended with talking about Hurricane Katrina. Katrina one of the bigger hurricanes America has seen. Many peoples lives were changed in a matter of minutes. Many were lucky to get out of that alive and others were not so lucky. Hundreds or maybe even thousands died. This natural disaster cost billions upon billions of dollars in damages. Most of the damages were from the high winds and the water pouring into the city. Four levees broke covering most of New Orleans in water.

We talked in class about whose fault it was. In my opinion the agencies, who are suppose to come in and assist, and the local and state governments were at fault. Most people in our class blamed President Bush. I kind of agree in away, he is indirectly to blame because he should have made sure everything was moving along to recover that city. There was not much people could do while the storm was going on because it was so dangerous. Katrina was tragic and we will only learn from the mistakes.

If you were the president, what kinds of things would you have done differently if you knew this hurricane was come or after the hurricane came through? In your opinion do you think you could have done a better job then the president, the local and state governments? Take in consideration you have the war in Iraq and Afghanistan going on, and the reconstruction after 9/11.
Megan T.


Anonymous said...

I don't know wether I could say if I would have done a better job than President Bush or not. I think that a lot of people blame him right away for everything, but none of us know what he has to go through everyday with the war in iraq and stuff, and nobody knows his side of the story during Katrina. I do think that if I had been president then I would have tried to get help faster. I would have sent food and military down to places like the superdome and other places to help. Really, I think that getting the people food and water and medical treatment would be on top of my priorities list, and then I would have continued getting help for them from there. I guess I would get the food and water and helpers over there as soon as I heard about. But still, I would like to think that I'd be able to do all that, but it's easier said than done. I don't know what I could've done, but all I know is that I would ahve done everything in my power to help those people.

colleen moran

Anonymous said...

In this Hurricane Katrina situation, and i was the president what will i do? (First of all i dont think i could be the president with the way i think, they wouldnt want me in office)
First in formost if i was the president i would have handled this different by just knowing that the state was going to have a hurricane come sooner or later i would have been involved to make sure that the leeves were fixed and properly well done because they knew about the leeves before katrina even happened. I would have made sure that everyone knew what they would do in this type of situation and i would have had stand by supplies ready for the diaster. When i knew at the time it was coming i would have sent buses down there to get people out becuase as a person you have to understand people stand points on why they might not been able to leave, so i would have done some heavy duty damage control. IF i was the president i believe i would have been down there trying to help them myself, so i could get as many people out of there as possible. (but i guess that is why i am not the president). Even thou i would have been dealing with lot of other issues and this was a major issue i would help them becuase i would want someone to dao that for me if i was in that situatuion instead of flying over the city and watching those people die and starve.
Brittany Forbes