Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What if Hurricane Katrina happened somewhere else?

Do you think the President would have reacted differently towards the Katrina incident if it happened in Texas or California where the race majority is white?

Do you think he reacted so slowly because Katrina was in a mostly black community or just because he didn’t feel like rushing? Bush is supposed to love his country, but why wait to help? If you were the mayor of New Orleans, would you have reacted like him or differently?

Even though the situation has passed, would you do anything to help and if so, what would/could you do?

Eboni B. - 5th Hour


Anonymous said...

Of course I think the president would have reacted differently, especially in Texas because that’s his home state. I mean just because the majority of New Orleans is black, I think that plays a role in how he reacted but I don’t think that’s all of it. I mean it was a emergency that happened so quickly. I mean come on now he has to make tough decisions at the spur of a moment, as president he is looked upon as suppose to be able to make decisions like that but he is still human and making decisions take time. I honestly don’t know why Bush waited so late to help but I don’t think he should be the only one to blame because people knew the storm was coming so in a way they could of helped themselves and prevented the situation that they were in. If I was the major I would have had a mandatory evacuation, and for those who just refused then I would let them stay and say I warned you. If there was anything I could do to help I would. Simple!
5th Hour

Anonymous said...

1.) I believe that the president would have reacted differently if Katrina occurred in some other major city, but not necessarily to the extent of race. If Katrina had occurred in Los Angeles for example, then President Bush would probably have been compelled to do more, races aside. I’m not saying that racial judgment is irrelevant because it may have been a factor, but I’m saying that Bush probably didn’t support Katrina too much because of financial factors. Bush was begged to increase funding for the levee repair, but he refused. It seems that the reason he didn’t help too much was because of more money allegedly being spent.

2.) Like I mentioned earlier, Bush was probably reluctant to spend any more money on things other than the war, I believe. If I was the mayor of New Orleans, then I would have immediately stayed and tried to help as many citizens leave and help organize mass evacuation procedures for the poor to other major cities throughout the country. As far as the damage is concerned, I would immediately stress the importance of repairing the levees and build cheap and durable residential districts for the people who wanted to continue living in New Orleans. I would also provide aid to the people who couldn’t get out and provide them with medical care, food, water, temporary shelter and clothing, and ensure their safety by providing temporary work for other citizens helping clean up and making a temporary law enforcement crew to prevent things like looting.

3.) If I could find any means through school to help the people in New Orleans, then I would. Something like a food drive or a car wash or something like that to provide funds or resources to them would be ideal.

Will D.
5th hour