Monday, May 21, 2007

How alike are Iraq and Vietnam? Andy sounds off

In some ways, the Iraq war is like the Vietnam war. Both Presidents Bush and Kennedy went to war and ended up getting negative feedback after they went. Both said that they would stay in the country as long as it took. Both claimed they were fighting terror.

Why is it that the Vietnam war is viewed as a success yet the Iraq war is looked at as a failure?

Andy R.

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Anonymous said...

I think that the Vietnam war was viewed as such a “success” because many of the people back then had the notion that it was there civic duty to serve for this country be any means necessary and if that means fighting and dying for more than a decade than what could have been a greater success? Also, with the issue on the Iraq war it’s really déjà vu all over again where we got ourselves in a situation where were attempting to help a nation help itself dealing with violent terrorist groups. Where instead of the war being against communism its now against terrorism. Although some may view differently, I personally don’t view ether of them as being really “successful” because since when has killing people really justified anything as being the right thing to do for a countries best interest.

Alex L.
5th Hour